To avoid brain Hemorrhage, first, learn how to take a bath.

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If you have to avoid brain Hemorrhage then learn how to properly bath first. This is especially important in the winter season. It is necessary in the case of the elderly and the children. Suddenly the water on the head should never be thrown. Soak the feet first, followed by soaking the upper parts of the body respectively. If you put water on the head at the end, then a lot can be avoided with brain Hemorrhage and paralysis. Tell you that bathing properly removes fatigue. Stress is relieved, blood circulation is good throughout the body. A headache and back pain relief If you do not bath properly then the danger is very much. You must have heard or read that the elderly are paralyzed while bathing often, the vein of the brain has exploded, the heart attack came. This is due to not bathing properly.

Best way of bathing

Lukewarm water

The use of light lukewarm water for bathing is the best because the lukewarm water bath also eliminates body fatigue and you feel very good.

Use of natural materials

Before bed, turmeric and gram flour is best. Apart from this, the use of Multani clay is also good for washing face.

Method of bath

The best way to take a bath is to first put the water on the toes, then knees and thighs, and then slowly put water on the stomach and shoulders. After this, take the water in the hand and put it on the mouth and then put it on the head. After this, you can put soap on the whole body and then stand under the shower or put water on the head and take bath. This whole process takes only one minute. But this process protects your life and keeps you healthy. In this one minute, the body's electrical power flows from top to bottom in the right natural direction because the water attracting electric power is first put on the feet, then hands, face and then on the head, which is beneficial for health too. is. If the child is being bathed in this manner then the children are not shivering or frightening at all.

Towel rubbing

Do not rush fast with towels for drying the body after bathing, because rubbing with towels can cause skin problems like stubbornness and itching, so let the skin dry like this.

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The wrong side effects of bathing

The truth is that all of these problems are wrong by bathing. In fact, the secretive power of our body is released due to the continuous flow of blood, whose true natural direction starts from the top and leads down to the feet. There are very fine blood vessels in our head, which transmit blood to the brain. When a person continually baths cold water on the head, then the tubes begin to contract or the blood clots begin to freeze and when our body does not bear them, then the water starts shivering after putting the body on it, the HartTech will come Or problems as brain hemorrhages occur. Due to pouring water directly on the head, our head starts to cool down, causing the heart to send blood to the head faster, so that the problem of either heart attacks or brain vein in the elderly arises.

Influence on the child

Similarly, when the water is poured on the child's head, its control mechanism also responds immediately, causing the child to become sympathetic and the mother understands that the child is afraid of water or from the bath. Incorrect bathing increases the heart rate of the child greatly. Therefore, before bathing, instead of putting on the water, instead of putting it on the feet should be placed on the feet and then gradually pouring on the feet, hands, stomach, face and head to avoid many health problems.

Physician advice

Dr. P. P. Bhutia, a famous physician of Siliguri told that if you do not take proper bath, then it can also be proven deadly. Nowadays people go to the bathroom and open the shower and then stand right under it, this method is wrong. While bathing in a pond or with tap water, firstly the feet should be soaked. After this, soak the one part and soak the head at the last end. This caution is very much expected in winter. Due to lack of proper bathing, there is more danger of brain hemorrhage while bathing in the jaw. These types of cases are often exposed.

Benefits of bathing with cold water

Bathing with cold water helps in getting rid of idleness in the morning. Helping to remove depression, helps in releasing depression by releasing a chemical called beta-endorphin. According to studies, bathing with cold water helps in the release of testosterone, which improves reproductive health in men. It also helps to improve lung function. The cold water bath stimulates the body's immune system and lymph, which increases the production of cells to fight against the infection.

Benefits of bathing with hot water

As we all know, warm temperatures kill germs more quickly. In this way, bathing with warm water cleans the body. Many studies have shown that hot water helps improve muscle flexibility and relaxes pain muscles. Bathing with hot water helps reduce the levels of sugar in the body and reduce the risk of diabetes. Apart from this, it is beneficial for cleaning cavity and cold treatment by cleansing the vapor tube.

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