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Have you ever tried to eat chicken feet? its my favorite, yummy!
We just eat chicken feet yesterday with some of young people in our church...

But first we need to know what is Chicken feet, what is Chicken Feet? Of course the feet of the Chicken.. ha-ha just kidding. 28660872_10204841103743436_7343140534120087552_n.jpg
Here in Philippines, Chicken feet, more popularly known as ‘adidas,’ is a common street food. Although some people are picky when it comes to eating chicken parts, there are some who have no doubts about eating chicken feet.

According to There’s a reason why many people are hooked to chicken feet, and it’s not just because of it’s addicting taste. Unknown to many, this delicacy also provides many health benefits!

If chicken feet is your favorite snack, then you have more reasons to eat it. On the other hand, if you still haven’t tried it, I’m sure you will change your mind after reading this.

Based on a report published on Delis ably, chicken feet has two main health benefits:

  1. Get glowing skin-
    How-To-Get-Glowing-Skin-In-7-Days-–-With-Instructions-3.jpgIf you want to achieve a glowing and youthful skin, then chicken feet is your friend. Although it might look far from the fountain of youth, it is actually rich in collagen, which can give you similar results.
    Aside from that, it is also rich in hyaluronic acid, which promotes youthful complexion and combats early signs of aging. As a matter of fact, some beauty products abroad use this strange delicacy to extract collagen.

  2. Get healthy joints-whit-hyualuronic-acid-cover.jpg Do you know someone who is suffering from arthritis? With this food, you will have stronger and healthier joints because it contains chondroitin sulfate which is good for people with osteoarthritis.

It does not only slow the symptoms of arthritis, but it also reduces inflammation and pain in your joints.
There are different kind of recipes using chicken feet and all are delicious.

Why pay for expensive serums and facial when you can get the same results from this affordable food?

Hope you enjoy discover something!


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