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Most autistic kids have a sleeping problem and they are picky eaters as well. For them, sleeping only a few hours a day is enough. It's like having an alarm clock, they will wake up in the middle of the night, laughing and crying for no reason.

They will eat the same food every day, over and over again without getting sick of it. Some of them only eat food that's not healthy enough to get nutrition for growing. But it is what it is, they are too independent with a beautiful personality.
Even though they lack sleep and nutritious food, they never run out of energy just like a fully charged energizer battery.

In a 24 hours period, my son only sleeps for 3 to 4 hours a day and his food is limited too (until now) due to his severe 28 food allergies. We were totally exhausted, mentally and physically drained. It's only three of us in Seattle, me, my husband and my son. My husband families are in Boston and my families are in Indonesia.
No one could help us, take turns for nap.

I remembered back when I was a kid, my grandma always gave me a juice of "Turmeric" if I have problem with sleeping or eating. So asked around where can I buy some fresh tumeric, finally I got it at Indian grocery store.
I grated and gave it to my son every day before sleep and in the morning in empty stomach for a week, then continued twice a week for 3 months.


Since then, he never stop eating always look for food in the fridge and in cabinets. Since he's eating right now, his stomach is full enough to sleep through the night. I'm glad to solve the biggest problem, to me, food is "KEY" in life besides money.
I still give my son turmeric juice once a week, I give my husband once in a while, also myself.

I attached some pictures below on how to make turmeric juice.

I will continue to share our experience. Hope will help, of course it helped my son and may not work for other kids.
Thank you so much for reading.



Grate the turmeric by using a garlic grater. A small grater will produce a lot of juice.
Using a clean spice bag or even a paper towel, squeeze out the juice into a bowl.


This is the juice, 100 % turmeric with no water added. It's about 3 tbsp, you can give it to the kid by using a syringe. My son is okay even using regular spoon.

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whoa. nice. i love turmeric also.

lots of benefit ..

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