5G is a Weapon Technology!

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Hi Steemians,
i just went through my feed and saw my
Reggae friend posting his #actifit results...
So, i had to stand up like a man, and tell it
like it is...
We gotta stop latest with 4G and "clean"
the frequencies first, before "they" start
microwaving the kids even heavier.
Believe me, i am not a fan of cables, but better
than gettin microwaved!
This was my answer...

5g warning.jpg

Greetings Brother. Respect.
As a conscious Reggae Lover you probably
already heard about "Babylon".
Well , Babylon is trying to get that microchip
into your body... that's why it is coming closer
and closer with more stuff on all smart devices
like actifit, so you and me become even more
Smombie (Smartphone Zombies;)
We gotta "clean" the frequencies, the work, that
the Telekom & Co. never did, because they don't
care about our health.
I also do patent research over 20 years.
5G comes from a weapon technology hittin the
human cell with 90.000 Hz... no joke, especially for the kids
brain that is still growing...
Sorry to rain on your parade, but this comes from
the Heart.
We gotta continue where Nikola Tesla left off over
100 years ago... Cymatics...
Use less smart devices, more hard wire.
When close to the body, put it in flight mode,
and check out the "shungite" stones...

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5g tower.jpg

Take care People!
Because "they" don't
give a f... about us.


I fully agree AND I also feel that - while we should resist it and all these allegedly useful "advances" like 5g - we should never underestimate our own power and capabilities.
The 5g narrative smells fishy on both sides. It probably isn't good for us - agreed. I also think that its "efficiency" in harming conscious beings depends on the level of worry involved by the individual. If you want a "physical" line of thinking: It isn't entirely impossible that these fields resonate and potentiate with states of anxiety and worry. If I were an asshole and wanted to make the most detri-mental effect happen with this 5g roll-out I would convince the Smombies (great idea by the way) that 5g is awesome and seed worry and relentless fear in those waking up so that we get the good old hegelian dialectic again and the train starts rolling on its own, "aware people" starting to warn everyone else how powerless we would be against this technology that wants to kills us all.

We are powerful. Let us resist and also... let's not give them too much credit for their cute attempts at hijacking sovereign concious beings against their will.
Much love <3

True,true... self empowering, that's what it's all about.
We are godly beings with a godly potential, that's why
"they" are "hatin'" on us ;)
And 5G works together with geoengineering, and you just reminded
me, how we gon' shoot back at them... Thanks for that ;)

Yes! Coincidence...
I just got a Newsletter from them,
and wanted to order ;)

Maybe a better phone....;)


With less frequency sar....?

Davon habe ich schon gehört. Helfen diese denn wirklich oder ist es ein fake und lediglich ein sticker? Konntest du es messen? Das die strahlung dadurch geringer ist?
Interessantes thema.
Ich mag Frequenzen sehr.
Eine bekannte hst mir mal cymatics gezeigt. Ein schönes Musikvideo wo man Frequenzen sichtbar gemacht hat :)))

Es gibt einige Videos zur Shungite Messung
auf YT... habe noch kein eigenes Messgerät,
kommt aber auch bald...
Yes, Cymatics (Die Wissenschaft von Sound/Frequenzen
auf Materie) ist wichtig... wir sind 80%

Ja, vielleicht hilft das ja. Hatte mir solche schutzplättchen auf https://schungitwunder.de/ gekauft und muss schon sagen, dass ich mich ein bisschen sicherer fühle

Auch interessante seite: https://nailsome.de/

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