Scalar Energy Healing - God's Energy

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Scalar Energy is the fundamental driving force behind our Sun and Stars, the divine essence of God. Scalar energy is perpetual energy, it never experiences decay. Nikola Tesla was one of the pioneers of Scalar Energy and worked almost exclusively with it towards the end of his life.

Tom Paladino, a scalar energy researcher has a desire to improve the welfare of mankind. He has created instruments in which this energy can be used to eradicate yes, I said eradicate pathogens; viruses, fungi and bacteria. The work he does can be done remotely, he only needs a photo for treatment.

This is the healthcare of the future! Go to his website to learn more about what he does. You can sign up to be treated for free for 15 days. So sign yourself up and your loved ones.

Please resteem this to help others learn how to heal themselves and their loved ones.

Be Healed and Be Blessed.

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Great post !!!
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i have had a session with tom. it works


That's awesome.