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Today, the body is no longer strange to everyone, the gym opened more and more, modern equipment has attracted crowds to the gym with a lot of different wishes, but not everyone Bodybuilders also achieved the goal set when they stepped in, and many have left it unfinished. Understanding the thoughts and effort, the time you spend without bringing the results as expected, today I would like to share to all you will and are doing 15 bodybuilding experience to achieve the best results, hopefully following the article will help you during your training.


First you have to define body shape as well as most other sports need to have certain training time to get a body as desired.
The fact is, when you see someone with a beautiful body you often ask questions like: How long, how graduated, how much pushing chest or use whey protein or serious milk any mass ... to get the answers that you are frustrated because they are questions that you often never want to think about.

The first experience I want to send to you: Not everyone has a body with such muscular muscles, not naturally push people to the level that you fell over, because they also start as you only.
So, start training immediately and maintain it regularly. "I'm sure you can do it"
You are now ready to practice and are eager to practice right? Please be patient to read this article.


Second Experience: Take 5 minutes to do a full body warm-up dance
Difficulty with exercises, exercises, breathing, not knowing which groups to practice.

Third experience: Max OT exercises and exercises are great for muscle groups, so take the time to read the reference while practicing it for a while with very light weight, no impatience. weight, exercise is calculated by five so there is still plenty of time for you to show that muscle.
At the beginning of training, you have muscle pain right. Pain sensation does not move the body parts right?


Fourth experience: When having muscle pain at the beginning of a complete absence of complete rest. At this point the startup will help you a lot. I know your hands are not moving, but how to start. Try to be gentle, gentle, gentle, slow, slow ... and you move quite well then. Follow up with light weight. Muscle pains will dissipate according to the exercises of busy. The next day continue like this until you are no longer hurt.
So, you've got the basics to take the next step. The problem now is that after a period of training you can not raise the weight level or it is very difficult to perform it. Maybe you do not believe me, when I started training just dreamed to be able to dry weight at 20kg each side. However, the current result is 45kg each side (Unexpectedly not you).
How to improve weight? You need to understand more about the reciprocal principle of muscle groups for exercises. The principle is that when one exercises for one muscle group, not only muscle groups are active but also other muscle groups engage in mutual interactions.
For example, chest muscle training will necessarily involve the back muscles. Exercise first need to join hands. Put your thighs back muscles must participate.


And so to push good chest, the back muscles must be good and must exercise the back muscles. Once you have gained weight when pushing your chest, try the following hand. Oh! Your back is also doing the same thing as the chest muscles. The mutual circle between the muscle groups is so that you (of course there will be a critical weight corresponding to your kilogram of weight) - The fifth experience


Next you will have questions: How is the calendar? This is an important part and you can find yourself on the principle of reciprocity as well as the end of reciprocal muscle groups in one session, take rest for 48 hours muscle groups (except muscle abdomen and back). The following is a calendar you can refer to and also the sixth experience:
Second: Chest + Back + Belly + Banana
Third: Shoulder + Bucket + Belly
4th: thigh + belly + banana
Repeat the cycle on Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Sunday: Of course, have to rest, time only.
If you miss a rehearsal then the next rehearsal is missed.
Today, there is a friend's birthday, Thursday is a wedding, today is tired, today we feel so lonely, today's weather is very upset ... This is the risk that the training session this is about to break down. Do not think to skip today to compensate today. A false thought:
First: Weight training is no rehearsal, no long training to prepare for the next few days
Second: It is a risk for you to temporarily, may also be permanently discarded bodybuilding then. I have witnessed many brothers in the first place do not look back on this very much.

Seventh Experiment: Always find a way to schedule a day's work, no matter how busy you are, even if the training session may be shortened, it does not have to be a fixed hour to make yourself aware. discipline practice, know where you go to complete the exercise and feel better, sorry to miss a practice session. At times, always find the motivation to practice for yourself (a look of admiration of her somehow, a compliment behind you inadvertently heard, a long legs to ride a station, a beautiful body of a man who has surrendered her sister in psychological films, a pro body ...)
I often see people practice like this: For example, for chest exercises equal to 20kg weightlifting exercises, the next weight is 20kg followed by 30, 40,50,60 ... then next to the chest paddle exercises. back to 20, 30, 40 ... and that argument is the start of the new movement. In fact, you are wasting your time for the next exercise and you are not aware of your body.
Your brain remembers the last weight of the previous movement and directs the muscle to that level of weight


So, start immediately with high levels of muscle in the next exercise. For example, push the ball 60kg across the ball with the weight of 20kg each side. Experience # 8.
I see many of you asked to practice with heavy weights, many stars do not work. The reason may be that you have just tried to push the weight or finish the exercises without regard to what you are doing. At the same weight level, the same nutritional regimen, the same physical location ... but the results of two different workouts. Who knows how to practice, the results will be higher.
Why? It is simply because the person who achieves the results is better than the person who knows how to master the workout. For example: push the chest together, but if you focus on your chest muscles while exercising, just focus on the chest muscles that are moving, the back pressed firmly on the chair, the results will be better. As with bending, many people try to bend over without knowing that their movements are not right, borrowing force to rise, not feeling in the flap and not just using abdominal muscles to bend up - so low efficiency. The same is the abdominal exercise if you feel the abdomen well, all movements up and down to the abdominal muscles responsible for controlling the movement will be very effective.


Experiment # 9: Always feel the muscles are set and let the muscles be held responsible for complete control of your movements.
Trauma or pain related to trauma occurs is normal for any sport

Experience # 10: Classification of traumatic injuries of any muscle group stops the muscle groups until they are completely healed.
Now, you may have begun to practice with higher intensity, heavier weight, you may experience problems such as a feeling of a joint, a slight pain. This is not a traumatic event, but because your joints are not fully adapted to new weight. Reduce the intensity a little, the weight level slightly to your body time to get used until the joints out of the joint, may be repeated this severe, mild with a few times the body is new. Fully adapted to the new workout volume.

Experiment # 11: This afternoon, try to practice hard, muscles are very beautiful - you are up here. Tonight can go all night. A false thought. Exercise is the preparation process and rest is the process of developing muscle really.
The point is, when you exercise, the muscles are damaged and the muscles are destroyed and die. When you rest, the muscles regenerate in more numbers than they have lost. The result you grow up

Experiment 12: Practice and rest. Sleep is extremely important for muscle development. Spend at least 8 hours to sleep.
I see many people often do not eat but go to work (except those who want to lose weight) and ask what effect.
It is dangerous, no extra energy the body takes to burn the exercises. It is very simple, take the energy of muscles to burn and your body is shrinking.

Experience # 13: Always add energy before 1 hour.

Experiment 14: Do not block any exercise or exercise framework. Listen to your body to find a proper exercise and nutrition program based on a thorough grasp of general fitness principles.

Experiment 15: Mix foods such as amino 2222 or other nutritional supplements to increase effectiveness when exercising.
We would like to share more practice experience.


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