New Sex Toy From Outplay, Vibrating Showbunny (With Inventor Video)

in health •  2 years ago  (edited)

A new sex toy is about to hit the market, the Showbunny from Outplay. Designed by an aerospace engineer, it has functionality aspects (and admittedly, aesthetic qualities) that aren't widely seen. It is a vibrator/dildo combo that sends strong vibrations that are in sync throughout the toy. There is an adjustment mount with both tilt and positioning for the external vibrator, making for very customizable experience.

A VERY powerful Lovense vibrator is used- this is for the folks who have vaginas and want intense vibration paired with an insertable. I held it for a moment and thought of all the Hitachi lovers out there.

I met up with the founder of Outplay and inventor of the Showbunny at XBIZ in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. We made a video about his invention with my iPhone in an open seminar room, on the fly:

You can find out more and pre-order the Showbunny at:

(Credit: photos/gifs from Outplay)

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This review may be short but it hits all the sweet spots! LOL :)

Great post Lily! That looks... intense!!! Much love - Carl

Thanks Carl <3! The vibration is intense- maybe a little intimidating to some folks (cough-cough-me)!

Haha, great comment @carlgnash . I was trying to thing of something clever to respond to @lilycampbell 's post. Great Stuff Lily. We need this on steemit.

Thanks @cflclosers! Great to hear!

I cant but help to think this looks like the sex toy version of a spray bottle.

Game on!

Good Stuff, gonna put the "rabbit" outta biz, lol

:) We'll see. Oldies but goodies never die!

I gotta admit. I am definitely intimidated just looking at it!! Very , very busy indeed!

I was surprised how strong it was. Not for the faint of... (^)

no fucking way! what your bringing to the table is genius :) i'm so glad we can connect ! i'm your day one supporter. Don't forget about me when you blow up on here! you got my full vote! this is unique, genius and different. Thankyou for your content.

Also! what you made here is multiplied by the price of SBD which right now is 5ish so you'll come away with about $585 minus curation rewards which is roughly 40 percent so at the end if you wanted to cash out you'd have made $234 USD for this post! It's a beautiful time we're living through :) Just figured i'd help break that down for you if no one else showed you this already.

Aw, @stevenalexander, thanks for both the support and the maths layout! Am still familiarizing myself with everything here- thank you so much for any info and assists along the way! I see you've been really successful (both with having fun with what you do, and also getting eyeballs and upvotes)!

Also, I hadn't calculated the maths yet for this post- how rad :)! Thank you!

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