Riding a bike to work VIDEO, how to stay healthy without thinking about it.

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Hi steemians, I wanted to share my experience as a commuter in a large city, which in Vancouver. I lived there for more than a year and decided not to have a car and ride my bike instead. Luckily Vancouver has a lot of bike paths and bike lanes which helps a lot.
The idea didn't start with riding a bike but actually running. I first was working in West Vancouver and found a room in North Vancouver. As I didn't have a bike at the time I chose to run the, about 13 kilometers on trails with some elevation gain. Then I got a bike and alternated with running and biking to work.
After a 6 months I got a new job South of downtown Vancouver and moved to the top of the hill in West Vancouver in a shared house. It was about 18 kilometers straight to get to work so I only kept biking to work.

Commuting by foot or bike is actually a great way to stay healthy by exercising every day but also for persons like me to get training in without having to think about it. It made me gain time during the day because I didn't have to drive back home and then go for a run. My commute was also my training.
After it is probably not recommended to ride a bike in very polluted cities but Vancouver was great as there are parks everywhere and specific bike lanes.

If you have any story like that feel free to put it in the comment section.


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Great video! I am a daily bike commuter too, so I'm glad to see you spreading the word here. In addition to health benefits, riding to work puts me in a good mood and is a great way to start the day. I could never go back to being trapped in a car.


I completely agree :)


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