nipah virus which is shaking INDIA

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Nipah virus :
As per the world health organization nipah virus was first found in 1998 in Malaysia and Singapore. the natural hosts of this virus is fruit bats . it is also common in pigs . it spreads from animals to humans and also from humans to humans.
In 2004 few cases are registered in India and Bangladesh.

Signs and symptoms :
1.head ache

  1. fever.
  2. nausea
    5.drowsiness and leads to confusion.
    as of now there is no particular treatment of nipah virus. avoid direct contact with animals.
    Toddy should be avoided for a while.
    don't eat the fruits which are bitten . wash it throughly and eat only the fruits which are not half eaten or bitten marks on it.
    prevention is better than cure.
    when you visit a patient use gloves and mask. wash your hands properly after the visit.
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