Mountain Dew is wrost drink ever

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I Hate this drink because it is the wrost drink ever ,From childhood when i try it first time its taste very bitter i do not like it but after some time i drink again and become addict of it But it is also harmful for our health and stomach ,Some facts tells us in Mountain dew there are addictive agents that if some one start drinking of it they cant leave it ,Even their stomach stop working without drinking dew i was also a addict of dew but after know its side effects leaved it forever.


Coca cola is best soft drink :P

Today's grocery stores all full of poisons, and ingredients that have no benefit when consumed. And it's the same few companies that have been pumping this poison out for years. The only way to be healthy in the USA these days is to have a raw veganic diet with foods you grow yourself from natural unmodified seeds, or to get that from someone you trust.

Govt never ban them because they get big bribe and tax

Ewwww!!! yes it is the worst deal ever. I remember seeing it in a documentary where a dentist actually had a name for kids that came in to see him who where drinking it...he called it "mountain dew mouth", these kids literally had almost all their teeth falling out. This stuff is pure evil. There are also alot of people who are allergic to something in it, yikes!

I can't see why this drink should be worse than other soft drinks... All of then have horrible side effects when consumed in "large quantities".

All soft drinks are horrible . They have serious health impact and may permanently damage you liver and obesity will always be on the card.

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dew na kia to phir kya jiaa 😂😂😂

I stopped having cold drinks for years. All of them are same and having sugar. Just nothing to benefit our bodies. It is better to drink fresh juice instead.

Me also hat this drink.

extreme analysis, now do Doritos

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I don't drink this drink. Thank you for sharing this on steemit. It's a reality we have to face - that - softdrinks can be dangerous to our health. Why not drink some fresh juices and water instead? Steem on @lays.

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Man this is crazy, I've had two today so maybe I need to stop drinking them :(

I like to drink dew