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Travel Tips:

Always bring two days of clothes and hygienic items in your carry on, can't say how long your luggage will be in another country.

Drink White Wine, never Red Wine... that turbulence can getcha.

Leave a minimum of 3 hours between flights, travel is stressful enough, you don't need to help it. In Chicago leave 24 hours.

Bring instant coffee packets... life blood.

A small bag of Almonds or Beef Jerky.

Make sure your phone has international internet possibilities.

Have photos of passport, health insurance card, travel itinerary or other important trip info in your phone.

Bring either water purification cup, or water boiling coil.

Colloidal Silver in sprayer:

spray your eyes, ears, nose and throat in between flights... God only knows what got in you from who.
spray your armrests, if you think about it you will realize why.
after a meal in one of those trips, take a swig.

Health is endangered in a aircraft cabin, with pestilence all around...

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OK you hardened world travelers, what tips do you have?

Good Health - Evan Pantazi

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For me a travel essential is my light weight brown wool scarf. It's smooshes small but spreads out large, very warm, and can be used as a scarf, jacket, blanket, or cultural head covering. great post. Upvoted.

the colloidal silver is a good idea that I've never heard, will do!

All great tips for those about to travel! Upvoted and followed you!