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Who the fuck doesn't love Milk, I'm sure we all do. Sad for the ones that are lactose intolerant. Yes, I'm one of that sad human beings that can't have a glass a milk in the morning without having to wear diapers(god damn shit runs). I wasn't lactose intolerant in my younger days, why now? And it only happens when I drink a glass of Cow's Milk. My lactose got bad enough, that I completely ignore Milk in my diet.

Years without milk in my diet routine, which I needed for an aging body. My girlfriend decided we should try a switch, why not try Almond milk? AlmondMilk.JPG
I was like okay, that's could work. So we go to store for groceries, grab an expensive as fuck organic Almond milk from the store, finish up the rest of shopping. I was like fuck yeah, get that coco crunch too. Test out this Almond milk with them cereal for dinner. So we get back home, straight pop the cap. poured my self a bowl full, poured them cereal on it and indulge in this weird bittersweetness.? Wtf? Yeah, fucking Almond milk just ain't right. Well, I hate wasting food, so still, force myself to finish it.

A few hours later, fucking runs!! My fucking god, this time worst. I thought I was done with fucking Milk searching, but my girl said let's just try one more thing. Fresh Goat's Milk, I'm like whattttt... Goat's milk for real? (For those of you who don't know, we Indians love our Goat's meat). Never have I tried Goat's milk, so fuck already tried damn Almond milk. Why the fuck not. Mind you we leave in the city area, so a goat's farm ain't really around the corner, but my girl was determined to search for Fresh Farmed Goat's Milk. So little google search, and little did we know there was a local goat farm that delivers fresh Goat's milk on weekly basis. Lightly pasteurized, Less sodium content, inexpensive for fresh milk, and punctual delivery
Goat's Milk Front.jpg
Best fucking part no more toilet runs. Peace at alas.

Why is Goat's Milk so much better though?

Since this product changes my milk experience for life, I've decided to share little insights into why it's better and what supplements to also combine your milk intake with. We tend to forget the little things that matter for the kick-ass lifestyle.
Well here are some of the benefits of Goat's Milk

Fat Content

In goat milk, the fat globules are smaller and have a greater surface area than those found in cow milk. Smaller globules are more easily and efficiently worked on by pancreatic lipase, the fat-digesting enzyme. Furthermore, the levels of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are higher in goat milk than in cow milk.
Levels of the short and medium chain fatty acids are significantly higher in goat milk than cow milk. Triglycerides with medium-chain fatty acids enjoy a particularly fast and efficient digestion and are excellent sources of energy. Furthermore, the levels of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are higher in goat milk than in cow milk.

Protein Content

The protein in all milk is composed of relative amounts of microproteins.
Alpha S1 casein is a milk micro-protein that determines the structure of the curd formed in our stomach. It is associated with a larger and firmer curd. The level of alpha S1 casein is 50% lower in goat milk than in cow milk. This means that a softer, more easily broken down curd is formed.
Beta-lactoglobulin is a more easily digested milk micro-protein. There are three times as much beta-lactoglobulin in goat milk than found in cow milk.

Vitamin and Mineral Content

Both goat and cow milk are rich in a range of vitamins and minerals.
While levels of Vitamin A and D, and the minerals Calcium and Selenium are higher in goat milk, vitamin B12, and folic acid are found in greater amounts in cow milk(Take note of this point for countermeasure). Some studies have also shown that the absorption of several minerals in goat milk is higher compared to cow milk.

Acidity and Alkalinity

While cow milk is slightly acidic, goat milk is alkaline. Alkaline diets result in a more alkaline urine pH. It has been suggested that an alkaline diet may prevent a number of diseases and result in significant health benefits, including cardiovascular, neurological and muscular.

Goat's Milk Vs Cow's Milk: End verdict

Goat and cow milk can be easily incorporated into the diet and offer a range of valuable macro and micronutrients. Goat milk confers some additional health benefits and may be an ideal choice for supporting digestion.
Both milk sources have its benefits, but you would need to improvise on the supplements if your digestion for milk is sensitive. It's simple health countermeasures to boost your health.

Counter-Measures for Lactose Intolerant person

  • Calcium & Magnesium: The Perfect Balance
    We know that Goat's milk has higher calcium, but little do people know that you need Magnesium as well to increase absorption of calcium into the bones. Most importantly, calcium cannot be routed and utilized to its utmost without sufficient magnesium. These minerals play equally important roles, but simply opposite each other. Calcium is required for the contracting of muscles, whereas magnesium is needed to relax them. Calcium strengthens & hardens bones, but magnesium provides the elasticity and flexes needed to keep them from shattering. Calcium stimulates nerves while magnesium soothes them.

  • Vitamin B-12 and Folic Acid
    Because of the switch between Cow's milk to Goat's milk, you will be facing deficiency of these two minerals. Especially for Men, these minerals are an important part of our overall health. It helps build up endurance as well, and strenghten our nerve and blood cells.

Goat's Milk for Home pets

One good fact to know if you're a cat person like myself. They going to love goat's milk, and it's much easier for them digest it. Cats can't take cow's milk, as they find it difficult to digest especially when it's pasteurized cow's milk. Be mindful of the amount you give them, always ease it on them. A small amount of milk at the start, then gradually increase it. It's good for their fur and overall health. Cats with Milk (1).jpg

Well, I hope this little piece of information helps those you can't digest Cow's milk, like myself. Been months since we switched to Goat's milk, and I have to say there is a difference. Of course, you have to couple it with regular workouts into your daily routine. Till the next random health advice, GET YOUR MILK ON!!

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Goat milk is great. I've always dreamed of having a farm and owning a herd of dairy goats for the milk, cheese and butter. I bought some goat brie the other day. I don't know though, anything goat does have that goat-y taste if you're not used to it. Hmm...perhaps I should stick with cow's milk even though it's not as good for you.

I know what you mean by the goat-y taste but after a few days. Your Tastebuds sort of gets used to the taste. And I live in the city area, some farmers does home delivery. You never know, you might just find one that does.

I personally like almond milk over regular milk due to its taste difference as well, but i never knew there was goat milk packed like this

I love cow's milk, I never knew about the nutritious value of goat's milk, also have heard that is too bad in taste. Is it so? and the way you created this piece of information in your blog was super impressive. and you are blessed with your caring girlfriend. fortunately me too with mine:)

I don't drink milk. But anyway is a good read.

i love milk

Very nice article love it.

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Hi @kylealexIs,
Is this milk really helpful for good health????
I have never did research about it. You really gave me direction to change cow milk to goat milk. It could be so useful for my body building career.
Thanks buddy and keep sharing such posts.

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