XRay of broken ankle with 9 screws - Ouch!

in #health6 years ago

This is XRay of my broken ankle with metal plate and 9 screws. Happened over 10 years ago when 3/4 ton suburban swerved and lost control, slid into me head-on. Knocked my little GMC Jimmy right off the road and down a hill. Broke both the major bones in my ankle (tibia and fibula) and had bone sticking out (compound fracture). Would definitely would have been killed if it weren't for seat belts AND air bags. Take note kiddo's!


Didn't think I would ever walk again. After several months of crutches and PT, eventually got around ok for about 10 years, then started having problems. Had to get the plate and screws removed at that point. They got all out except the one screw at the bottom, that one was bent. I thought these things were titanium? Don't ask me how it got bent.

Apparently now they tell most people to remove the metal after 1-2 years. Who Knew? I guess not the Doc's I had back then who told me to leave it in forever.

I did good for another couple years. then got really bad again.
Went to one doctor who said it was arthritis and just deal with it (I could hardly limp to the bathroom).
Then went to a much better doctor who found and later removed some bone shards that were cutting into the ligament.
They were unable to do an MRI due to the metal, but this doctor did an ultrasound and saw the problem right away.

This Doctor was fantastic, she did another surgery, took out the last screw and bone shards and I'm back up to walking 2-3 miles again. Thanks Dr. F!
Will probably need a full ankle replacement in 5-10 years, but by then we will probably all be 3D printing them at home!

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