Biohacking habits to increase your performance that you can implement today!

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Biohacking habits to increase your performance that you can implement today!


In this article, I want to cover the habits that help me deal with daily routines, challenges and achieve my goals. I called them biohacking, because it refers to making changes to your lifestyle to feel at your best and become a better man.

If you find hard to implement all of them or at least a few, start small. Choose one that is easier to implement into your life, and as soon as it gets a part of your life and don't require your attention to do it, proceed with another one. I am an adept of easy and minimalistic life, so to proceed you will not need any special equipment, or wait for anything to be delivered to you - all you need is your body and desire to get better.

Sitting is the new smoking, quit it

Researchers have found that prolonged sitting dramatically increases the risk of developing heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and various type of cancer. A good upgrade for your workplace would be a standing desk, which were proven to increase productivity. Google offers standing desk as a part of their employee-wellness program, Facebook has more than 250 employees using standing desks, and many other companies implemented standing desks as an alternative to the traditional sitting desks.


Although standing is proved to be the winning habit over sitting, it is inevitable to sit, and when you do you want to make sure you have a good posture. There are numerous risks associated with a poor posture:

  • Poor posture can impede the ability of the lungs to expand.
  • Poor posture is the main risk factor in many athletic injuries.
  • Increases the stress on the ligaments.
  • Causes Scoliosis which might require a expensive and dangerous surgery.
  • And many more, trust me you don't want that.


    Try avoiding sitting in same position for more than 30 minutes, take breaks and stretch.

    Intermittent fasting

    Intermittent fasting(IF) is one of the most popular trends in health and fitness industry. It is meant to help loose weight, improve health and simplify one's lifestyle. Numerous studies has shown that it can have strong impacts on your body and brain (1, 2, 3).


    Intermittent fasting does not restrict which foods you should eat, but rather when you should eat. The two most common methods are daily 16 hour fasting, or 24 hours fasting twice per week. I personally keep the 16/8 fasting schedule. I move my breakfast to 12:30, and take my last meal at 20:30 so I have an 8 hour eating window. It is very convenient for people who have a lot of things to do in the morning. You can have some extra sleep and extra energy before your first meal.

    Here are some main heath benefits of IF :

  • Weight loss: IF can help you loose belly fat without having to restrict your diet.
  • Hormone Regulation: One of the most appreciated effects is the increase growth hormone, which is crucial for our bodies.
  • Cognitive function: IF increases the secretion of a hormone called BDNF and also protects from Alzheimer's disease.
  • Cancer: Several studies on animals show that fasting may help prevent cancer.
  • Insulin resistance: Fasting is helping prevent type 2 diabetes by lowering blood sugar and fasting insuling levels.
  • The list is incomplete, but I will cover more about intermittent fasting in a separate article as it requires more attention!

    Avoid blue light before bedtime

    Did you know that blue light harms your natural sleep cycle? Artificial blue light emitted from LED & LCD light bulbs are quite a problem for your sleep and health overall.


    Is very important that our circadian clock is synchronized with our sleep. Studies have shown that blue light suppresses melatonin which can cause a circadian delay. Modern phones and laptops have blue light filter out of the box, which can be set to start with sunset and stop with sunrise, according to your location. If you want to go more advance, there are glasses that block blue light, which are meant to be worn in the evening.

    Cold showers

    For some, it might sound wild, but cold showers are a pretty good habit to adopt.


    I will simply list a few benefits of a cold shower, and you make conclusions:

  • Reduce Stress: Cold showers are increasing your adaptation to stressful situations, lower uric acid and boost levels of Glutathione in your blood.
  • Hair and skin health: Hot water is drying our skin, when cold water helps tighten your cuticles and pores, will "seal" the pores in the skin and scalp preventing dirt from getting in.
  • Weight loss: Our bodies contain white and brown fat. Brown fat is considered good fat which generates heat to warm our body, respectively cold showers will activate brown fat activity.
  • Testosterone increase: According to this study, heat affects our DNA, RNA & protein synthesis in the male testes. This is the reason men testicles hang outside of body when it's warm, to stay cool.
  • Improves blood circulation: When exposed to cold, our body sends blood down to our organs to keep them warm. This stimulation is good for your overall cardiovascular health.
  • These are the main reasons to take cold showers, but the list goes on. A shower is something we already have implemented in our lifestyle, we just need to adjust the right temperature. You can start little, decreasing the temperature over time.

    I will cover these and more healthy habits in greater depth in future series. Appologize for the use of upvoting bots, but I want to get my articles seen to the community to gain some followers, and when I will have a followers base I will not need it.

    Stay hydrated and be helpful to the ones around you!

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    Great article. Thanks for the tips!

    I can vouge for the cold showers for sure.


    Yeah !!!
    Great Post I have been resteem your post.
    dont forget to upvote my latest post on @muhammadzainijoi and resteem my post


    iam also same filling about

    Great stuff @krood! While I didn't necessarily learn anything I didn't already know, it's always great to have a friendly reminder of how many variables there are that affect your health.


    Here is some new health information you may or may not have heard before.


    gah dam gah dam


    I like your screename so you get an upvote, your reply however is not fully computing in my brain...

    Lovely advice. I've already followed it for years.

    Alternative on sitting; if you can squat on the floor instead in a natural position


    I was thinking about an alternative to sitting all day. Is good to have some ideas to implement as soon as possible. I think that some kind of mobile table that we can move up and down depending on if we are going to be sitting or standing could be useful.

    Great post. I find myself falling short in many of these areas.

    Great article and I agree with all your points.

    I'd like to recommend adding conscious breathing techniques to your list as it's, in my opinion, the #1 Biohacking habit.

    I've been doing the Wim Hof Method breathing techniques over the last few months and it's an absolute game changer.

    More energy, less stress and it can even augment your immune response! Add that with cold showers or even better, cold baths, and wow, undescribable.

    For more info I highly recommend visiting:


    I'm just getting into it, and I don't have much personal experience with breathing techniques. I am freediving now, therefore I do CO2 tables to train static apnea.


    I definitely think it's beneficial for free diving. After doing a couple of rounds of the Wim Hof Method I feel like I can hold my breath forever.


    That's really interesting. Makes sense though. Oxygen feeds the brain, after all.


    wim hof is a bit crazy but there is so much reason to his madness.
    His cold therapy is also so powerful. Brown fat production is so beneficial.


    Yes, agreed, he's crazy, but the gold baths and breathing techniques are not crazy, they work!! He has even proved it on many occasions.

    Incredible human being.

    Great post. Didn't know about the cold showers or blue light... def gonna start taking cold showers.

    krood is good.
    krood is part
    of the neighborhood.

    Are you a doctor?

    I agree with your last sentence. "Stay hydrated", that is great advice.

    I would also like to add that butter is healthier than margarine.

    the fasting is a cool thing, I do absolute fasting(dry fasting) once in a few months for about 36 hours, super beneficial


    Most experts don't agree on dry fasting. Water fasting is much better you actually need fluids to remove toxins..


    Yeah, that sounds risky to me. Water is nothing but beneficial to the body, being dehydrated is really damaging.


    Check this guy explaining some benefits.

    I never tried dry fasting, but I will give it a shot


    Wow, and I thought I new it all, I am aware of the benefits of autophagy, intermittent fasting and water fasts and went through it a couple of times, but soft dry fasting and hard dry fasting was a new for me. I knew from Mustafa Mohammad who attended Mr. Olympia a couple of times that he dry fasted before every competition for 3 days and told me how crazy you get, but I thought it was just to loose the remaining water in the skin. Thank you so much for this eye opening video, this was my missing link! If i knew earlier I wouldn't go for a 7.5 day water fast but for a 3 day dry fast which would be equivalent to a 9 day water fast!
    Saw the ads of this guy for his program on instagram, didn't know he had such an informative youtube channel too.


    Apparently, one dry fast day is equal to three water fasting days!


    Yes actually

    I'm guilty of sitting down too much. I really ought to get up and walk around every hour or so.

    I am the one

    Wow! I'm having a call at the moment to be a hacker, going by this. Most are thing I just started on

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    Thanks for sharing your valuable article with us.
    You covered habits that helped you deal with daily routines, challenges and achieve your goals. Which you called biohacking,
    It's make changes our lifestyle.
    They are:

    1. Sitting is the new smoking, quit it
      2)Intermittent fasting
    2. Avoid blue light before bedtime
      4)Cold showers

    Thanks for benefits.
    Some of the them I have new. Example, about shower.
    But I have friends who doing this Intermitten fasting and they also eat 8 hours and 16 hours live without food.
    And it is working.
    Actually, about this phone light before you go bed...this is also true.


    Fasting is one of the easiest and most beneficial things you can implement right away


    Thanks for the replay. But how is it right and good to start? You try it, but only this 16/8 hours intermitten fasting?


    If it's hard for you, try 14/10. You should choose the hours according to your daily schedule and your eating preferences. Some might eat a lot in the evening, so they finish later, but move the breakfast further, to 2pm for example.


    Okey, thank you for recommendation. If I need to, I can ask your help?
    In these hours, when you don’t eat- what I can to do?...I think about water or some juice?

    friend how to make my steemit forward like you, I see your articles are good friends. please input it

    are you a teraphist?


    I'm asking because even most therapists won't tell us this.
    Thanks you're just too awesome!

    Sitting is the new smoking, quit it..
    I didn't know this. Thanks for such wonderful information

    Long time sitting is bad as long time standing, we need to move and don't spend to much time in one position literately...


    Yeah, that's a good point. Having a treadmill by your computer would be ideal!


    for sure, but it's hard to work online while moving, so we have to choose between two evils, the least bad one

    Nice and helpful post.

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    Great post, and have incorporated all into my life for the last few years except the cold showers. Sorry but just cannot make myself do it! LOL - just a big wuss, I know. But IF is great, and was easy for me since my body seems to like food after 11am anyway. Used to drive my mom crazy when I was a kid because she always wanted to fix me a big breakfast before I went to school, and my body just did not deal well with early morning meals.

    As an adult, I have never followed the usual eating habits of certain foods for certain meals, either. I tend to eat what my body seems to want, and it keeps me from overeating since I am pretty much always eating what I find satisfying at the moment.


    I've tried cold showers many times. It's just too much. I can get over it if I'm camping and don't have a choice if I want to be clean, but it's not easy.


    Icebaths are easier for me, I also don't like cold showers

    thanks for sharing please vote my post

    Thank you for this lovely posting since healthy life style is my priority to keep my head cool and feet warm. I’ve been practicing a few regularly such as:
    Intermittent fasting (no breakfast, one day fasting every week, ..), and 1-minute cold and hot bath in turn similarly to Finish sauna. They definitely work. Thanks again! ^^


    You have breakfast, you just postpone it :)

    I've told you before
    Your post is very good indeed

    Biohacking habits to increase your performance

    Totally agree with your biohacking. Sitting is indeed the new smoking and fasting assists by giving the body time to heal - water and or juice very important to flush out those toxins.
    Probably the only other thing I incorporate is spending some time in nature and emphasizing the need for good organic produce. But like you said changing and implementing new habits can take time and your suggestions are a great start.
    Look forward to reading the next post!



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    Thank You! ⚜

    Fasting is a great idea
    Nice post keep it up

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    The photos was very good i like

    Excellent post I did not know the concept of "standing desk". I am an engineer and I do a lot of work in front of the computer every day, I will invest more on the subject.

    Thanks for the info.

    Practical and useful tips that can form life long habits to sustain a productive lifestyle. What I need to try is the Intermittent Fasting idea. I keep coming across it in other posts on personal development. Thanks!

    I like all the solutions but i have problem with the Intermittent fasting, fasting to lose weight can be a bit dangerous. The body need food to stay active for the life ahead. Cold water is enjoyable


    Fasting does not mean starving. I will make a more detailed IF article covering indepth it's physiological aspects.

    Great article and I agree with all your points.

    I'd like to recommend adding conscious breathing techniques to your list as it's, in my opinion, the #1 Biohacking habit.

    I've been doing the Wim Hof Method breathing techniques over the last few months and it's an absolute game changer.

    More energy, less stress and it can even augment your immune response! Add that with cold showers or even better, cold baths, and wow, undescribable.
    n plz follow me for funny memes n latest news

    Good post my friends want to get upvote that much like you vote & follow

    thats great and truth i am agree with you nice pixx collations carry on keep it up

    Un buen tema, ya que simples cambios pueden hacer una diferencia notoria en nuestro estilo de vida. Saludos desde Venezuela

    Thanks for the post, Biohacking is the process of making changes to your lifestyle in order to “hack” your body’s biology and feel your best. I like it.

    when I depressed I try cold shower,
    that is very effective.

    nice post....please tell me what to do so that i can get many upvotes like yours

    NIce article, I would add certain health supplements and meditation to the list also! The IF section was the most interesting, but i guess supplements dont count as habits lol

    seriously this article touches me a lot because i found some of the habits i do which i shouldn't ,i will do my best to change them as soon as possible

    Great photo

    Mucho gusto !! es un placer si te gustaria seguirme excelente soy nuevo por aca Espero te guste mis publicaciones

    I am in absolute agreement with few of your suggestions as I try them out myself. I am a fit 50 year old male who has maintained constant 63KG weight and blood pressure of 120/80 for the last 20 years consistently. I do practice some of your suggestions like, fasting regularly, taking cold showers, and I don't smoke at all. One thing I am trying hard quite is the use of mobile phone and laptops before going to bed. It has been difficult to be able to do that. Oh well, it seems that I have to retire early ;)

    Excellent post!

    I would add a ketogenic diet, infrared sauna and sunlight exposure to this.

    This is very interesting @ivarketils. I had no idea that such things had the impact that they do. Shoutout for this post homez..

    One fact i like in the post is "seating is the new smoking". Being used to seating can have a psychological effect of being too relax and comfortable when you achieve more. Habit of too used to seating can affect agility needed to adjust or adapt to a working environment,

    The intermittent fasting technique seems interesting.

    A man's success comes only when he finds his passion. The more work that he likes to find the passion, the more he can do.

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    good suggestion for slothful men

    It is great articles i learn many new things.good work!

    This post is very important for keeping health and mind healthy

    Nice post my mentor ...hoping to be like you some day

    It's a very good ideology and thanks for a wonderful thought.

    Great article

    Yes, right, your article is the truth.

    Long sitting while working is bad, if you do not have a desk, then get up regularly and take a few steps.

    If you want to read before going to sleep, the kindle fire has a sleep function that restricts the blue light.

    If you do not want to take a cold shower, then you can fill a tub with cold water and put your feet in it, and then walk on the spot so that there is always a foot of water (in german called "Kneipen"), which is good for the immune power

    I'm just getting into it, and I don't have much personal experience with breathing techniques. I am freediving now, therefore I do CO2 tables to train static apnea.

    I certainly believe it's valuable with the expectation of complimentary jumping. Subsequent to completing two or three rounds of the Wim Hof Method I have an inclination that I can hold my breath until the end of time.@alirazaamjad

    Great article! I thought this was about transhumanism at first!

    I wonder whether you spent more on voting bots than your article rewards. It's something to be careful about. I am glad you got on the trending page though. It is nice to see something from an author with a 50s reputation, even if it isn't me. ;)


    I use them now as a boost to begin with, to gather some audience. If the contect is not good, the voting bots are not profitable. The main profit comes from the real upvotes, the bots just help me get to hot, and if the content is worth it, people promote it to trending.. I see you have a good amount of followers, how did you manage to gather them?

    Yes, most of the health issues can be solved, by doing regular exercise, having balanced diet food and mediation. But nowadays people prefer comfortable rather than exercise so your suggestion can be handy in this generation like standing makes people healthy by avoiding weight gain, heart disease, and laziness. Just amazing suggestion related to health.

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    Great Post! I will create a shortcut to this and add everything to my daily routine!

    nice post friend

    Tottally agree

    ice baths too
    download flux app on your mobile no blue light all day


    It doesn't look nice without blue light all day. Both android and iOS have a blue filter setting, all native, no third party


    never knew they had an inbuilt filter!
    yes it doesnt look nice
    and i guess looking nice Vs developing eye/neck problems in the future
    is upto the individual!
    gonna be interesting to see the new neck and eye problems in about 20 years
    anyway nice post im gonna keep following you, as im interested about your views on nutrition living in thailand like me

    its really awesome👌👌👌
    ihealth is wealth.
    thanks for your activity.....

    Quite nice to come across this kind of health-conscious article. I read from somewhere else that bio hacking is getting rather popular amongst the rich and famous. But once you have the knowledge nothing should stop you from doing it. Although some of the methods recommend some additional supplements like vitamins and minerals. However fasting and fitness training should already be considered as a cornerstone to your successful bio hacking :)
    All in all - great piece of writing and information

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    Going advanced might be expensive, but as you see, this basic things can be implemented by anyone. Another thing is, that when you are rich, you don't feel the need to work non stop, to get food on the table and pay the bills. You can stop and think about your body, about meditation and so on..Whilst the truth is, to get rich, you have to stop and plan your way there, and improve your abilities

    hallo semua...salam persahabtan di steemit dan mohon dukungan untuk menjadi sahabt saya semua

    What an excellent compilation of biohacks! Thank you! Looking forward to your article on intermittent fasting...I have heard so many different things over the years regarding fasting, but none of them really made sense to me. The concept of eating like a king for breakfast, like a prince for lunch and like a pauper for dinner simply doesn't work for people like me. Breakfast makes me sleepy, especially a big breakfast. I usually skip lunch, (it makes me sleepy, too) but lately I've been trying to eat a little lunch, to boost my weight.

    I am a fan of huge dinners, though. My body just isn't hungry until dinner, and that's the way I've lived for decades. I guess I was just "intermittently fasting," and didn't know it. I do struggle with keeping weight ON, though. I'd appreciate it if you could talk about this in your upcoming article. Many people could probably benefit from your insight. Thanks!

    Awesome! Breath work can help you get used to cold showers. I'm not sure exactly how it works, but my guess is that oxygenating the blood raises resistance to the stress of cold water.

    I have been meaning to incorporate breath work practice into my life for awhile, but have never gotten around to it.... Sigh...

    Thanks for your information about health

    Genial el post, me gusto bastante la información y que bien que todos están felices.

    great stuff man I agree with all of your points
    You got a new follower :)

    It takes a good balance to run this management. Every time is precious. This article adds my insight to this issue. It just still needs training and self-discipline. thank you for this knowledge. Regards.

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    I love a cold shower after the gym great post really enjoyed it just followed you 👍

    I find me reading this post my life was like your 1 year ago when I searched to change something but I didn't find the way:!

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    Yeah you are right. One really needs to get better because loosing is painful man.

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    Thanks. Staying hydrated on the job is not always easy when you are being watched by your boss and questioned as to where you are going.


    Just hold a bottle of water close to you, easy :)
    If your boss don't allow you, change the job

    Such a great article!
    "Try avoiding sitting in same position for more than 30 minutes, take breaks and stretch." -> I wish it could be so easy! When you are a student it's not so easy to just get up and stretch even tho I wish I could. Higher desks might be a good implementation.

    Thank you for sharing this tips :)

    In recent years, numerous studies have suggested that intermittent fasting - abstaining or reducing food and drink intake periodically - can be good for us, making it one of the most popular diet trends worldwide.
    being a muslim i have always enjoyed the benefits of fasting

    Great post bro
    Shows we all could attain better health daily

    Great write up. My nuts shriveled just reading about cold showers though. Nothing like a freezing cold shower in the morning to make you appreciate how great hot showers are.

    Can I do both? Like start a hot shower then flip the knob over to cold?


    It's called interval showers, also has it's benefits :)

    The intermittent fasting and cold showers I already do daily. Add that to a bulletproof coffee and I am good to go. Thanks for the bit on sitting to long. You just reminded me to take a break.

    Would you say that there is a substantive audience of/for biohacking on steemit? Its def one of my fave things! 👍

    Am happy to read this ,i have been on it for long time now.

    I have a certain disagreement with. No-1 "sitting is the new smoking"
    If that's what puts money in your pocket and food at your table, get down and sit!!


    apparently, you didn't read carefully, otherwise you wouldn't disagree.