3 Important food to improve your eyesight

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Eyes: this is the organ use for seeing.
Most people don't really pay attention to their eyes except they start experiencing some problems, we just continue our daily activities without trying to find out the condition of our eyes, it is not supposed to be so.

Our eyes is one of the most important part of our body without our eyes we cannot see the beauty of any thing in this world.
So here are some of the food we neglect sometimes but are of greater benefits to improve the health of our eyes

  1. Carrot: research over the years of shown carrot to be most beneficial food for good condition of our eyes,carrot contains Vitamin A that can prevent night blindness and improve the health of your eyes.

Fish: in order to protect your eyes it is advisable to consume fish, fish is a great source of Omega-3 and fatty acids that can improve the health of your eyes,make sure to consume fish like sardine, salmon etc.

3 Eggs: you may not believe this but eggs can improve the health of your eyes ,they contain Vitamin A and Vitamin B complex, essential acid and zinc which is very good for your eye, it doesn't matter how you consume it but make sure they are included in your diet.

So consume this food not just for improve eye sight but also keep your body in good shape.

Thanks for reading,I hope this helps someone

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