If you are suffering from Sleep issues then please follow this for better sleep

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Hi Steemitians,

Sleep is part and parcel of our daily life.Almost a good healthy person sleeps nearly 8 hrs a day which is almost 33 % of entire day i.e 24 hours.

I have seen lot of my friends ,family members suffering from Sleep disorder and to be honest I too facing a same problem and trying to find ways to overcome it

One friend suggested me few tips to me which I found unconventional but tried and have some Positive results though I cannot say it will heal to larger extent but always something is better than nothing

Few Tips :

a.While sleeping try to take air or breathe from LEFT NOSE

b.Close the Eye Lids and try to roll the Eye Balls for 3 to 4 times

By doing this we can have some peaceful sleep

Here how it works !

By taking air from Left nose while sleeping at left side and closing the right nose it will works when we have more hotness in body or if females are suffering from Menopause .In this process we are relaxing our muscles which in return help our body to take rest .Automatically our body releases Melatonin which is a hormone found naturally in the body It is also used as a sleep aid .

Finally please try to follow which do not have any side effects.

Image Courtesy : iStockphoto

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