Say no to hard drugs

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FB_IMG_1522391930426.jpgHOLY FB_IMG_1522391926081.jpgCANNABIS
(Ikong Ekpo)

Bad Bwai!
The Rastafarians are wise
They call it holy chalice
It is their precious communion
To commune with jah in the third heavens
Like the Christians would break bread and drink wine
Rastas must take cannabis
and dance in holy chants
As their sanctimonious ritual

If you must partake of this Holy communion
Be sure to be a Rasta,
for just as a pagan can't partake of the christian communion
So ought you not partake of this holy cannabis
If you do not believe in Haile Salessie

A quick way to ease
Life’s stress in peace
a great source of mysterious inspiration
It gives strength nothing can beat
One sip of it then, you are high into the clouds
Take a wrap to ease life’s cruelty
Take a sip to forget the world is full of evils
Turn to it when friends and brothers desert you
Turn to it for cleansing and healing of a troubled soul

Grab the paper, pour in your cannabis,
roll on the substance gently
Seal it with your saliva, get the litter and make it burn
Straight to your mouth
Relax and enjoy like life just brought heaven’s treasures
Down to your holy feet
Pump out the air and feel good
Oh yeah, life is good with Ikong Ekpo

But has mama known?
Her son has another mother
Is papa aware that the money for paracetamol
Is often spent at the clinic of Ikong Ekpo?
Did young ones know?
Brother can get high without shirt and tie
And on the streets, your new home, you'll join ndito boys
And wait patiently for innocent preys, ikpa
To show you love by force
Who has made you commit this murder? Weeds
Who has made you a thief? Canabis!
Who has stolen your sense of rightness? Canabis!
But who has given it the power to do so? You!

If weed was made for man
Then it would have been for food
Hear the cry of your heart, its burns unto death
Harken to the call of tomorrow
No highness has ever made one famous for good
Count how much you burn in a day
And calculate how much you could have saved in a year
Not when life dawn on you at fifty
Then You’ll only realized you've been a faithful follower
Of weeds for 35 good years...


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