Drug Abuse:contraceptives....

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So for my Community Development Service, I belong to the "Drug-free" group where we discuss ways to help people who are addicted to drugs either through counselling or sensitization in schools, streets and anywhere possible...

I see this as a very laudable idea. The only problem is that when we say "drug abuse" the kind of drugs that come to mind are "hard drugs" like codein, cocaine, rephnol, tramadol and the likes... But guess what?

We forget that ladies now a days also abuse the use of contraceptives.. Yes
Using contraceptives like it's pure water they can just take when they get thirsty...

It's so heart breaking...

Although I'm not an advocate for "sex before marriage" but please if you must fall into such temptation, make sure you use protection...

Did you know that continuous usage of these contraceptives have side effects? Some which include:

  1. intermenstrual spotting
  2. nausea
  3. headaches and migraine
  4. weight gain
  5. mood swings
  6. missed periods
  7. decreased libido
  8. vaginal discharges
  9. changes to eyesight for those using contact lenses

These effects may seem manageable but please note that after a while, it can deteriorate into something even worse... Causing probable harmful effects to the woman's reproductive organs..
Well I'm not a doctor but a word is enough for the wise..

Practice safe sex.. Enough with drug(contraceptives) abuse...

Keep Steeming FAM and don't forget to spread the word....


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