What should be done immediately if the smartphone is wet

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  1. When the phone is soaked in rainwater, first clean and wipe The more fluid the phone is, the more likely it is that different parts of the phone will spoil. If there is a short circuit can be longer It blows away all the data on the phone

  2. Before starting the phone, delete it well Remove everything inside the phone, namely, battery, SIM card, memory card. Wrap the exposed parts of the phone in a dry cloth and wrap the cloth. See that no damage to the phone. Wipe the inside of the phone with a thin cloth

  3. Keep the SIM card outside Then erase the phone well Then insert the SIM card

  4. If the screen guard is installed on the phone, keep it open

  5. Do not apply hairdryer on the phone without making a mistake In the hot air of the hairdryer, the inner parts can melt

  6. Then put the phone in the sun for a while If there is little water left in the sun, it will dry out

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