Full Day of Eating Like Dr Berg | Dr Berg Keto Guidelines

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Full Day of Eating Like Dr Berg | Dr Berg Keto Guidelines
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Full Day of Eating Like Dr Berg | Dr Berg Keto Guidelines
Full Day of Eating Like Dr Berg | Dr Berg Keto Guidelines

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Good content. From Russia vs love)

ketoconnect.. I would say this is really nice because you are talking about Eating but i don't understand what you really mean.. please don't misunderstand me but i would really like to know what the Full Day Of Eating talks about...

I love the cutout/photoshop of Dr. Berg in the thumbnail. lol

I was really excited to see you mention you were on Steemit in one of your videos! The small bit of advice you offered has helped me tremendously. Looking forward to watching your content and supporting you on this platform.

I love Dr. Berg's way of explaining all the different health benefits of the keto way of eating. I watch his videos on youtube all the the time.

I love your videos of you two cooking recipes in your kitchen, those are the first ones I watched. I didn't realize you were on steemit though! That is too cool! KETO ON! (I've lost 50 pounds since Jan 18 doing keto).

me encanta la pizza