The benefits of onion peel are fantastic uses for it

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We are all aware of the fact that onions, despite its strong smell, are very beneficial to our health. It is loaded with medical properties that protect the body from disease. But you may ignore the onion peel there are useful uses for onion peel you will not give up again. Did you know that the peel of onions contains a high percentage of antioxidants higher than those found in the same onions and this is accelerated by antibiotic, antimicrobial, a natural disinfectant because it has useful food contents.

So that you do not peel the skin of onions and throw it in the trash without realizing the importance of these crusts. Experts point out that onion peel contains kerstin, which helps control blood pressure and prevent blockage of arteries. The peel of onions is packed with fibers and phenolic compounds that help prevent coronary artery disease. So next time do not let go of the onions and stop the habit to get more health benefits.

Benefits of Healthy Onion Peel:

  • Helps reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in the body.
  • Helps maintain balanced blood pressure levels.
  •  Eliminate depression.
  •  Strengthen muscle growth.
  • Helps reduce inflammation.

Nutrient value in onion husks:

Peel husk is a good source of antioxidants, rich in chalksteen, flavon, fiber, so fiber diets help reduce heart disease, gastrointestinal problems, certain types of cancer and diabetes. 2 According to Al Alam magazine, phenolic compounds in onions prevent artery disease Coronary and anti-cancer properties.

Although onion peel is inedible, it gives you these amazing benefits. There are several ways to use onion peel and use it. Here are some of the best ways to make the most of onion peel.

Useful uses for onion peel:

  • The easiest way to use onion peel and get its benefits is to add a few onion peel to the soup and sauce and let it be left in the soup until it is cooked properly. Later you can take the peel and soak it in the water and eat it.
  • An easier way to use onion peel is to peel onion tea by leaving the onion peel soaked in warm water for some time.
  • Peel husk is also a great treatment to eliminate leg cramps by using onion peel in water for 15 - 20 minutes and now water purification using a clean or mashed cloth and drinking this mixture before going to sleep when repeating these steps for a week will notice the elimination of leg cramps Quick time.
  • You can use onion peel to dye woolen clothes.
  • Peel onion helps protect your fingers from wounds due to the knife. You can use it to keep your hands safe. All you have to do is cut the thick part of the onion peel and use it as a handle when you start slicing onions.
  • This indicator is natural to maintain the stability of the onions until you get the benefits required, especially when the formation of your knife suffer from rust, or gall bladder. The peel of onion can be turned into a savior when used while slicing onions.
  • You can also use onion peel in hair dye and the best part is that onion peel is cheaper than other commercial skin care products. It works better on blond hair. When using onion peel as a hair dye, you need to boil 30 - 50 g of onion peel in a glass of water for about half an hour. Now the water consistency is thick. Filter the water and then use the mixture to apply to the hair and then rinse the hair with shampoo. In order to add you a beautiful golden shine to your hair.
  • The onion peel promotes hair growth and the reason is that onion peel is rich in sulfur. This metal encourages the formation of collagen and thus maintain the health of your hair. You can boil onion peel in water and use it as a rinse lotion to enhance hair growth and keep it soft and healthy.
  • If you suffer from any skin disease, you can rub the dried onion peel with a proportion of wheat to increase the antioxidant substances in the onion husk.
  • It is recommended to use onion peel tea to protect against fever, colds, cough, sore throat, allergies, etc. because the mixture of onion tea helps in the treatment of these problems easily.
  • Using a simple piece of onion peel on the forehead protects against the side effects of the fever.
  • The inhalation of a small piece of onion husks stops the bleeding of the nose and even slow the bleeding.
  • Can improve onion peel from improving the digestive system and if you have digestive problems the onion is a perfect remedy because it increases the secretion of digestive juices.
  • You can protect yourself from osteoporosis and arteriosclerosis from regularity to daily consumption.
  • The onion increases insulin in the body and is therefore a natural cure for diabetes by controlling blood sugar.
  • One of the best known tricks is to use onion tea with turmeric to lighten the dark skin and get rid of stains.
  • You can use onion tea to get rid of toothache.
  • Onion has the characteristics of regeneration of tissues in the body.
  • When using onion juice on hair or scalp to get rid of lice and hair loss is one of the most prominent benefits known for onion hair.
  • The onion contains water, protein, fat, starch, fiber, minerals, calcium, vitamin C, iron and vitamin B complex.
  • You can use onion tea to treat wound healing and insect bites very effectively.
  • When you consume onion tea you can kill the worms in the intestine and in this case protects against stomach cramps, vomiting and nausea and thus expels the parasites.
  • The onion tea works as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and thus reduces the inflammation that occurs in different parts of the body.
  • You can use onion peel with the plants you plant at home as soil fertilizer that promotes plant growth.
  • You can use onion husks in egg coloring and get beautiful and beautiful colored eggs with onions.
  • If you have any skin disease, you can rub the skin with onion peel. This can help you get rid of any irritation. Especially when rubbing gently on the affected area and then washing the skin with mild soap.
  • Note that you should be sure to use organic onion peel because other types contain pesticides that harm your health and also if you are pregnant or breastfeeding do not try to use these methods because it can result in irritation of the skin.

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