The ubiquitous Dandelion is a marvel.

in #health5 years ago

The wonderful and very useful wildflower, the Dandelion, or to give it it's Latin name Taraxacum officinales.


Many people totally ignore this plant, dismissing it as a nuisance, a "weed" to be eradicated from the garden.


I personally have many uses for the humble dandelion plant. The root when roasted makes a tasty nutty coffee substitute.
The flowers infused make a delicious tea.
The leaves are tasty in salads instead of lettuce, a good source of iron, pottasium, magnesium, zinc and calcium. They also contain vitamins A C K and B.


Other uses for this excellent plant are for upset stomach, as a diuretic, joint and muscular pain, bruises, intestinal gas, and gallstones. It also balances blood sugar. It can be used as a laxative to help increase bowel movements when constipated. I have heard that it can be used as a skin toner and for eczema.

All in all, one of nature's many miracles. I certainly encourage dandelions to grow in my meadow.

There are many more uses and many recipes. I do recommend you try them.

Photos taken with my Samsung Galaxy S7 and unedited.

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