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Hi, friends, my name is Partha (Kashyap) .i completed my college degree in Electrical. After that, I join a startup company in my own field. I have to sell and install an automatic water pump controller for my company. One day I met one farmer and talk with him about agriculture. I understand their problems after that I also visited more farmer to talk at the same topic and the problems repeated consistently. Then I stand to quit the job and do something for nature, farmer, environment
.I found my company on organic cultivation and smart farming in 2018, it is an online small scall organic produce like vegetables, chemical-free groceries, organic fertilizer etc you can visit it www.agroplaza.in .I also do some online work for my company R&D through blog, youtube,steemit and many more. We are some college friends who wish to do something innovative and, good for the environment.We think if everybody does a little approach towards chemical-free farming,protect environment then we can easily change the nature present condition. We all live in a polluted earth where everything is so polluted.

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