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RE: Keto & fasting 5 – First step in changing from a standard diet to a keto diet – just eat real food

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I am finding the less Sugar i eat the less i want it plus living on 800 calories with The BSD diet i am not hungry. I eat well plus got my portion size right:)


Great to hear you're not feeling hungry on the diet and are finding it good to do.

Yes, sugar is very addictive, and it's very freeing when we break the physical addiction to it. Just some warning - it you have go to out somewhere and have a bit, you will find yourself looking aimlessly in the fridge and cupboard the next day - it's triggered again that quickly. But if you know it's going to happen, you just ride it out and within a couple of days it passes again.

I have a meal planned at the end of the month, I will stick to steak and salad no dressing and drink water, i won't have any pudding. We went out last week for a birthday meal, I ordered a burger then removed the bun and just ate the meat plus gave the chips away. was very proud of myself :)

Well done! Saying No to the bread and potato is one step harder than just cutting out the sugars, but you're doing it! To make then salad a bit more interesting, you could always take your own dressing in a little bottle. Just some lemon juice and olive or avocado oil mixed together, with a dash of salt.

That's a good idea, I'll go buy a little pot to carry it in. I'm determined to get this weight off :)

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