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Hair transplantation has been shown to be very effective in treating hair loss. In certain cases, the patient begins to lose hair from the back of the scalp, and hair from the hairline is also lost. Various advances in the hair transplantation process have undoubtedly been made.


Get a hairline that naturally looks perfect.

Transplant surgery eliminates the artificial doll-like hair that patients saw in the 1970s and 1980s as a result of hair plugs. Patients should expect a thick and natural-looking hairline after undergoing a hair transplant procedure.
Using the Advanced FUE form, you may achieve a natural-looking hairline.

Many patients experience a receding hairline and thin hair in the front of their scalp. Also after pursuing a variety of treatment methods, no visible results have been achieved. However, the most efficient way to restore the hairline is to use the advanced FUE technique, which uses nape hair.

As a result, many people are turning to hair transplant in jalandhar as this procedure is successful in resolving the problem and produces natural results.

What exactly is the purpose of using nape hair?

The fact that the nape hair creates a natural hairline is one of the best reasons to use it. In addition, as opposed to typical donor hair, the nape hair is softer. As a result, it is an excellent choice for achieving a natural appearance, which might not be possible with conventional approaches, as most of them produce an unnatural appearance.

FUE Nape hair can be used to build a natural hairline.

Step one of the planning process

This is the most important aspect of the hair transplant procedure. It is also important to choose the right surgeon for the treatment. Reconstructing a new hairline with extreme precision and expertise.
Because of the issue they are having, some people do not have donor hair. This indicates that the patient has a considerable amount of baldness.

When used in conjunction with FUE, this approach aids in providing the possible results you need.

What is the mechanism behind it?


Since hair follicles are removed one by one, the Follicular Unit Extraction method is efficient. The hair grafts are then transplanted one by one in areas where hair growth is minimal. This is paired with FUE if the donor's hair is missing. The hair follicles are pulled very gently with the FUE process, which helps to minimise damage when the hair is removed. Furthermore, the follicles that are removed would be less traumatised when being cut using this process.

Another advantage of this procedure is that it leaves the donor region clean and scarring is minimal. As a result, the recovery time from surgery will be reduced.

As a result, using the soft hair present in the front of the temples and hairline is the best way to build a natural hairline with hair transplant.

This technique has been shown to be very successful by our team of surgeons, and it does assist the patient in seeing the results that they need. Traditional hair restoration methods are incapable of producing the same results as this technique.

If you have a condition, you should seek the assistance of our doctor, who will diagnose the problem and explain the treatment to you.

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