Spending time on Steemit is cool, but how are you protecting your eyes?

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In today business world, working in an office involves the use of computers, tablets, and other mobile gadgets. With so many people using computer systems to facilitate official tasks, one common issue that is rampant among office workers is eye strain.

According to the recent studies, eye strain, as well as other worrisome visual symptoms, ensues in about 90% of users of computers.

Other problems associated eye problems are physical fatigue which leads to increased work errors and decreased productivity, red eyes, and eye twitching.


But what could be the cause of eye strain? A human being blinks about 15 times in one minute, evenly spreading tears over the eyes. This prevents the eyes from becoming irritated and dry. But research has shown that people who regularly stare at computer screens hardly blink; they blink less than half as often when watching, playing, or reading on a screen.

Additionally, the contrast or dissimilarity of text against the background as well as the flickering and the glare that is a common phenomenon of digital displays can be very hard on the human eye.
So, what are the preventive measures to put in place to prevent eye problems? Is it necessary to cut out the time spent on computer screens?


Well, if you can cut out screen time and it will not affect your work, by all means, do so. But that option is next to impossible, given the widespread use of smartphones which are rapidly replacing computer screens.

Therefore, here are some tips you should follow that will help you in preventing eye problems from computer screens.

Always position the computer screen about 25 inches away from your face. Ensure that the center of the screen is about 10 to 15 degrees below the level of your eyes.


Adopt the 20-20 rule: after every twenty minutes of staring at a computer screen, look away from the screen to gaze at objects that are about twenty feet away for a minimum of twenty seconds.

Reduce the illumination or screen resolution. If the resolution is still too bright, get a matte or nonglossy screen filter that will help in reducing the illumination drastically. They are available for computers, tablets, and phones.

Refresh your eyes with artificial tears if you feel them running dry.

In case you use contact lenses, you should give your eyes a little break by making use of your glasses.

After every two hours spent on your devices – computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. – take a long break of about fifteen minutes.

Make sure you go for eye checkups or exams regularly. If there is a need for you to use a different pair of eyeglasses when working on your computer – especially the tinted type – then use them.

Increase the refresh rate of your devices to minimize the flickering of the screen.

Blue light is associated with eye strain. Therefore, reduce the color temperature of the screens of your devices, and this will give off less blue light.

Consider changing the monitors of your computer to a liquid-crystal display (LCD) since they come with embedded anti-reflective surfaces as well as higher refresh rate.

Drink lots of water so that you can stay hydrated. Dehydration worsens dry eyes and makes them more irritable.

I am so glad we have now night mode on Steemit.


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it's been good to get some knowledge about how being online all the time can harm our eyes .. we need to give some rest to our eyes...

Thanks for sharing this info.

It's so easy to get caught up with work and life that we tend to ignore the important things.

I personally think the 20/20 rule is a nice solution for people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer.

Okay guys lets exercise!

well it is all the more great work to impart to steemians and furthermore every one of us and beyond any doubt now I will take after this 20-20 strategy to make my eyes useful for dependably

thanx to share and a word of wisdom @jwolf


Steem for Steemians ! Next meeting at $ 10.70

I sincerely thank you very much for writing on this all important topic. I suffers for eye twiching and fatigue, now I have learnt one or few remedies to protect my eyes. I upvote you.

Thank you for sharing, we must also look at our posture, to prevent neck, shoulder and back pains!!

nice to see your post on it and also good for me to remind me again i read it before 3 month ago and i tried to act on it and now i forgot it but thanx to remind me hope i will dont forget it again this is more cmplusorty thing for us to save our eyes

That is really a troublesome issue. And I am facing this problem, long before joining steemit. I spend lots of time in front of PC, and mobile phone. and sometimes, I see my eyes are red, conjunctival redness. And obviously I am wearing glass for my refractive error.

By the way, you have mentioned some advices and we all should follow to protect this precious things.

nice post eyes are the gift of god and we all have to protect our eyes as much a we can and thanks for giving us some nice suggetions and tips, Stay awesome

Great tips! I often forget about these potential issues. This post is a great reminder for Steemians lke myself to use night mode as often as possible, and to utilize the brightness settings on our machines to protect our eyes.

Cool post!!

Thanks for the tips @jwolf !
i often use the blue light filter. its 24/7 on my mobile phone!

Good post brother

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I use glasses that have a special coating for protecting the eyes from computer monitors.


I guess I have to use what you're talking about. Because I look at the computer screen for at least 14 hours a day. And most of the time I'm spending Steemite. But I can not get enough of you. I do not do what you think.


what is the name of the eyewear? Do you mind if I ask? I am infected with a disease called eye progeny. Looking at the computer screen is very painful :( @exrospect

i personally using some apps that reduce the "blue" color inside my monitor.

This is a great post, I will certainly take your advise.

its very nice and learnable post.not only me but also everybody take knowledge here.thanks for sharing with us.So wonderful

I spend much of my time in School with my students then on steemit. I also play cricket regularly and go for evening walk too. So i dont have much issues regarding Eye. But deffintly this issue is occuring with many people who uses visual gadetry.

Afew of the above tips you shared are quite new for me nd i Really did not know about it before.

Thanks for this informative & Healthy Blog.

Night mode is there & iam also very excited about it.

You mentioned in your past blog that you gained some weight as per the observation of your Gf. Hope so you have started the workout.

Stay Blessed My Friend @jwolf

Have a nice weekend!

Thanks jwolf.me l think to avoid eye inching one should reduce the light of his or her computer.when light is too much it can led someone into suchproblems.thanks one again for your advice about the eyes.

Before finishing the post, I was already glad that steemit has night mode feature. The eyes are such delicate and important parts of the body and should be treated with utmost care.
Adding vegetables to one's meal also have a positive effect on the health of the eye.

Cool post! I do eye exercises that help a lot. I will do a post about it and reference this post.

well it is more good work to share with steemians and also all of us and sure now i will follow this 20-20 method to make my eyes good for always
thanx to share and good advice @jwolf

thanks for sharing , great tips friend.

maybe if i conciously try to blink alot while working with the computer it might help, right?


I have a braille monitor.


Are you serious?


wow awesome post

bro im so scared now when i'm totally addicted to computer and technology ,but its great to have a night mode in steemit ,which i did not know before ,thanks to you man.

I think with technology going towards smart homes and voice control, we'll be less dependent on screens.

Still, things like VR will likely mess our eyes up more.

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Thank you for the share. I think this article applies not only to spending time with steemit but also in using computer and electronic device displays.

If i can add to your article, you can also include plugins like the one i use in my chrome. You can install eyecare plugin. it normally open a new page every after 20 mins. This will distract you from staring your screen and un focusing your eyes from the screen. it will also remind you that you need to relax your eyes or exercise or do something.

I am not associated with the creators of eyecare buy i highly recommend the plugin. Here's the link.


Up till today I only relied on the "Toggle with Night mode" option. These tips are gold.Thank you @jwolf

I discovered when I take too much time looking at my laptop screen it makes my eyes itchy and watery, thank you at least I know when to rest my eyes

This is really great information as many of us are already addicted to Steemit!

I will follow this rules you have outlined

Adopt the 20-20 rule: after every twenty minutes of staring at a computer screen, look away from the screen to gaze at objects that are about twenty feet away for a minimum of twenty seconds.

I have also found myself lately drinking lots of water! I

anti blue light glasses

I fired my boss back in 2012 and never went for a job again. I started freelancing back then. So,most of my daily time is spent in front of laptop. So, I can understand this post more than many others based on my experience. Dehydration is a cause of migraine also. So, keeping water with you all the time while using laptop is very helpful.

Good post @jwolf. Steem On!

Thank you a lot. I do personaly have eyes problem and full time steemian. i really face challenges in managing that.
i really appreciate your advice

Good to learn about 20-20 strategy i should give it a try...
Blue light blocking does help at night especially 👍

If my mom would use steemit she would be giving u a lottt of points hahs she's always telling me about this cause I spend too much time on my pc and phone but I just ignore her🙈🙈🙈 now i see she is right 😳 good post!! Thanks for sharing!!

Today morning I opened two gifts. Eyes. It is important to look after them.

So thoughtful of you! thanks for taking care of us
cheers @jwolf

useful post

Proper rest is very much needed great tips for all the steemians :)

:-D That's nice tips :D In fact it's not only Steem who kills my eyes !!!! It all the computer stuff :D toooo much is too much !!!


I like to get off Steem and watch TV.. haha

computer excess use causes the computer vision syndrome , people highly working on computer, mobiles , tablets etc. should use blue ray protected glass spectacles, it will protect your eyes from blue rays.


I got some glasses but they are no fun


Use crizal glases ...it really best for laptop work

Great tips.... Thanks for sharing the post ....

The post has important topic, I need to drink water for my eyes...

Blending cucumber with ginger and garlic and taking as juice also helps with both eyes and other body problems

Try it

F.lux is a great software for computers, it can decrease the color temperature based on the time of the day. Highly recommend it for everyone.

Excellent article, u are a great writer.

thanks for the good tips, actually more usable than you might think at first glance.

I normally tune down the brightness and make sure there is light around me instead of dark.

thank you for sharing that article! it's important to live healthy, doing sports, but the eye muscles are often missed. Even if you're not working on a pc many hours a day, it is important to train your eye muscles just a few minutes a day. I used the eye refresh app to do this and relax your eyes afterwards..

Very great tips and a couple of things I did not knew about. Thankfully I bought my glasses that comes with sunglasses and reflective lens to not affect my vision while working on a computer screen too much. Bought it like 6-7 months ago and its quite useful! Great post and upvoted!