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Hello all my Steemians! Something that I've personally been doing for about one month now is drinking boiled lemon water every morning, like a cup of hot tea! It really is amazing how fast you'll feel the benefits of this sour and sweet, but mighty tasty cup!! I make one cup at a time using 1 full bottled water, 2 whole lemons, 2 TSP Honey. Boil for 3-5 mins, then let sit 10 mins. Strain in to cup and enjoy!! The recipe in Video is for a larger boil! You'll figure your own personal recipe to fit your likings! I highly suggest drinking one cup per day, i've felt amazing ever since I started! Enjoy!! Thank you so much for reading this story, I hope you liked it and found it interesting, if you did or didn't, please comment your thoughts below. Please don't forget to UPVOTE and FOLLOW me, it will be greatly appreciated and I will do the same for you! Take Care and have a great day! -JOSH D-

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This is great, I have a lemon tree with more lemons than I can consume.


how cool, that must be nice!!! fresh lemons off of the tree, right in to your boiling pot!!! Hope you enjoy it, the benefits really are great!! Thanks for your comment, ill be sure to follow and upvote!!

I'll tell the wife she loves things like this. Cheers mate


awesome, yes shell love it!!! lots of health benefits!!! best of luck, thanks for comment!!


Cheers mate

@joshdomsky I have been drinking lemon water since 2005; however, I have usually had my water either room temperature or with ice. I knew lemon water helped to avoid fat from being absorbed from the food we eat, but I never realized it's other benefits. Thank you for your post. Good health to you and all our fellow Steemians! Steem on!


Oh wow thats awesome, long time!! and yes boiling the peels pulls all of the great vitamins and nutrients out. Good health to you my friend, thanks for comment!!

Gotta try this out. We have a lemon tree at our house and it has a ton of lemons and we've never figured out what to do with them really.