The benefits of not wearing a bra at home

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Many women use bras regularly every day, whether outside the home or inside, but my idea one day on the seriousness of this act on health, especially breast health, a number of scientific studies in 2015 proved the seriousness of wearing the bra permanently, where it showed a number of damages Whether in breathing or blood circulation and some back pain and skin infections, but scientific studies have shown more serious results than that, where the conclusion that the need not to wear the bra at home and during the periods of sleep, that wearing the bra throughout the day has many damages:

According to a comparative study among a sample of women who wear bra with others, who have decided not to wear them all the time reached a number of results, including:

First: wearing a bra all the time causes a number of problems to breathe where the strain causes tight muscles and ribs, thus obstructing blood circulation in the area surrounding the chest and chest area, causing damage to tissues in the region and inability to breathe correctly may occur with time chest crises And suffocation.

Second: Chest braces affect the skin with inflammation and cracks, especially nipple cracks and the emergence of acne, especially when wearing during sleep with sweating.

Third, chest suspension causes a number of problems during sleep, including back pain and suffocation.

Fourth: Some scientific studies have shown the link of the chest to the appearance of irritable bowel syndrome.

Fifth: Damage to the lymph nodes due to continuous pressure on the breast for a long time may expose the chest to breast cancer, especially with narrow braces and for long periods.

Some tips when choosing a bra:

You should remove the braces with the metal wire and choose the braces with wide and lined with the purchase of the appropriate bra and size of the chest and be closed by three cups or two, making sure that the upper part of the load on the back, you can wear a sports bra or Mayo inside Home from time to time to accustom you not to wear a bra inside the home, prefer to choose the load by activity to give you support and reduce the movement of the breasts and feel safe with the choice of comfortable load to your chest is not beautiful appearance, prefer the distance from the silicone for many damages, especially when sleeping with a sister Wear the appropriate suit for the nature of the dress whether dress or casual wear to help ease and move easily


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