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RE: Candida Killer: Natural Protocol for Effective Detox & Restored Health

in #health7 years ago

Thank you @gardenofeden for this well written and explained post about candida and Turpentine, which I never heard of. It really inspired me to search more into it, since I'm into natural health myself and just love learning more. I'll be following you for sure so that I can learn more about health and like I said I like how you make it easy to read and understand and you covered so much information. I will have to do the test myself since I wondered if I have candida, so thanks again for sharing.


You're welcome, @joalvarez! This is really fascinating stuff with real world value to enhance health for one and all. Glad to share the knowledge with you, and especially glad to hear we have inspired you to research for yourself! May you be better than ever for it!

Yes, I agree with you @gardenofeden that this is really fascinating stuff. I got introduced to a natural way of taking care of our health last year with essential oils and I just love learning all these natural ways since God equipped us with these amazing plants to help our bodies heal itself.

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