Steemit in connection with Trenz L.D.R: Someone is in need of your 100% Support

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A helpful & giver heart!


Hope to gather support from most Steemians with a helpful and a giver heart. Supporting unfortunate people is FREE, this platform together with users will play a big role to sick people who needs help.

Are you willing to give?

"It's better to GIVE than to RECEIVE!"

If you do, it's our time to share some blessings we received from above thru giving. Let's give our support to others who needs it, someone is in need of full health recovery.

imageFrom left Truly Yours, Mrs. Zilda Idul, Mr. Idul & Letecia

Stage 3 Breast Cancer Survivor Needs Support!

Mr. & Mrs. Idul lives a simple life, contented with what they have but sad to say an illness hits Mrs. Zilda Idul and was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer last 2016, but a survivor. Her story hit me really hard, made my #teardrops of sadness & happiness / joy.

Tears of sadness from her past story and Tears of Joy in present!

A stage 3 Breast Cancer survivor, middle of 2016 she was scheduled by a Doctor to undergo Chemotheraphy session due to her condition but miracle happened, someone introduced a natural way of medication which is supplementation.

Real Talk from Retired Physician Dr. Alan Greenberg


Thank God for this natural way of medication who helped her condition, taking Purple Corn Tonic Juice Drink save her life from:

First Chemotheraphy Session
Second is Huge Expenses for Medication
Third Killer Cancer Disease

Mrs. Idul improvement is a miracle, she is now strong and is turning back to normal life but not totally healed.

Steemit Charity

If you are reading this blog, we will appreciate your support or help by upvote, comment & resteeming to share this to other members and together we can gather good amount of help. The purpose of this blog is to help a Stage 3 Breast Cancer Patient totally healed soon with the help of #Steemit platform & community.

I'm connecting Steemit to Trenz L.D.R in terms of serving people, helping unfortunate individuals with health issues.

Trenz L.D.R is a company distributor of Purple Corn products, have a vision of helping sick people's lives healed and back to normal to live a happy life with their loved ones.

Steemit is a platform that helps people to have Financial Freedom.

Health & Financial is constraint, to help an ill person we need financial to support medication and this time we choose natural medication / supplementation because it gains her health back.

I personally connect Steemit to Trenz to help more people with Health Problems! I want to gather more support from all members.

1 UPVOTE = Saving Someone's Life

I wish to have millions of money to support people with health problems!


This blog is intended to help Mrs. Zilda Idul, a Stage 3 Breast Cancer Survivor to enjoy life!

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You have my (insignificant) upvote and my resteem.


Thank you for the support @iamthegray wish you excellent health to continue a happy living and abundant blessings from above.. Have a great day ahead!

You have my support .


Thank you for the support @sbyse More blessings to come!

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