Celiac disease / wheat intollerance... the truth - we're being poisoned plain and simple

in health •  11 months ago

Since the dawn of time our species has ingested wheat and other plant species. We all grew up on it, and there was virtually never a problem.
Fast forward to the introduction of intensive spraying of wheat and other crops with pesticides and herbicides and you can see a direct correlation to all sorts of digestive issues. How many of us have atleast 1-2 people or more in our family's that suffer signifigant digestive issues?
Think about it...is it more likely that good old wheat products are causing it, or does comon sense tell us its the poison on and i should add IN the wheat and other products we're ingesting? Im still unsure whether gmos contribute to the various problems, but what d ya know - those too come from the very same companies that dump poison all over our food supply.
Im sick and tired of hearing people claim all this is safe... EVEN AN OUNCE OF COMON SENSE TELLS US IT IS NOT!
check out the quick video.
Would really like to hear honest opinions about this if you have a few minutes to spare.. who knows maybe with enough of us we can use it as a petition against these lunatics.

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GMO Is full of Glyphosate which causes cancer.