Activate Ancient Superpowers in the Human Organism

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Have you ever just sat and marveled at the beauty and complexity of the human body? The raw power of the human organism to adapt to wildly diverse environments and situations is the quality that has allowed us to continue existing as a species on this planet. Have you ever considered the almost unthinkable horrors and tragedies our ancestors must have survived countless times over the millennia? We've made it through several mass extinction events on this planet (and are causing one now) such as an Ice Age which lasted over 10,000 years and a super-volcano eruption that dwindled the human population down to possibly less than a thousand individuals!

I am sometimes shocked into a silent state of awe and contemplation upon hearing real accounts of superhuman feats of endurance we are capable of when we have to be, even today. The human body is quite spectacular in it's ability to adapt and survive. It is very fortunate that many of us reading this article are living in conditions much less demanding on a survival level than many of our ancient ancestors. However, the situation could change at a moment's notice. The Earth could be struck with a large object from space, the Yellowstone supervolcano in Wyoming could erupt, climate change could could trigger worldwide famine, etc...

If we allow our ability to be biologically adaptable to atrophy during this time of relative ease, we might not do so well when we are faced with enduring another era of incredibly arduous conditions. Fortunately, as we learn more about the human body, we are rediscovering some of these ancient mechanisms that have allowed us to survive trying times. Not only that, but we are figuring out how to most effectively activate these mechanisms in ourselves. Often at first there is some difficulty because the body has never fully utilized some of these biological circuits. Over time with practice, the abilities grow stronger and more efficient. It is very possible to dramatically improve your personal biological adaptability. The abilities you acquire in the process can seem like superpowers, especially in a world where most people don't ever activate them.

This is the topic I cover in my most recent vlog:
Activate Ancient Superpowers in the Human Organism (30min 10sec)

Ancient Superpowers Mentioned in the Video

  • Fat Adapted: The biological flexibility to enter fat burning mode quickly and easily. This ability has allowed us to survive conditions of famine. In modern times, being Fat Adapted seems like a superpower because it allows you to control your body composition more easily (i.e. being fit in an increasingly obese society) and just being able to skip meals for a full day or even days without undue suffering because you can tap into your fat reserves efficiently.
  • Oxygen Efficiency: There are several ways to increase your ability to endure low oxygen situations. For example, the presence of Ketones in the blood can allow one to survive hypoxia for longer. This can be achieved through manipulating your eating patterns and/or food choices. There are also breathing techniques which can be used to increase your oxygen efficiency. There are simple methods that can be used to instantly allow you to hold your breath for a couple minutes. With practice of certain techniques, such as those used by free divers, one can increase your ability to hold your breath for over five minutes.
  • Cold Exposure: There are many benefits to conditioning your body to be comfortable with the cold. For one thing, it will allow you to actually survive the cold for longer. It's not just about your comfort level. Actual physical changes occur in your body over time when you regularly expose yourself to the cold. This includes converting your adipose tissue from white fat to brown fat, which makes your body more thermogenic. Cold exposure can include cold showers, ice water baths and cryotherapy for a few examples. It can also be as simple as going outside in the winter with shorts on and rolling in the snow! The experts suggest deep breathing and relaxing into the cold.

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