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Peeyush Shrivastava has to be loving life to its fullest right about now.

Why that statement means anything, will certainly change the way many view the technology breakthroughs that has assisted Doctors in the area of medical examinations for years. The question is..

How far have Doctors actually come within the last 5 decades with the help of X-ray scans when pin-pointing the activities of the heart, and pin-pointing how much blockage is present in the arteries in a record short period of time.

One has to think at this point about Peeyush Shrivastava who has set the bar VERY HIGH in the medical field to the point where health advocators such as Silicon Valley had to stop and say.

"Damn, he's good!"

This young man has created an Electromagnetic Imaging Scanner, that can go deep into the arteries leading to the heart to quickly locate any signs of blockage (which many would identify this as Atherosclerosis.) With breakthrough technology such as this can REALLY turn the tables in medical science (primarily for diagnosis of the heart's condition under 2 minutes time.)

The mind-blowing aspect to all of this is that Shrivastava is NOWHERE NEAR HIS PRIME IN TERMS OF AGE!

Being so young, yet accomplishing such a HUGE achievement is DEFINITELY REVOLUTIONARY in the fight against heart disease and early diagnosis, as well as VERY beneficial to the medical community.

Now the main reason Shrivastava is pursing this is relatively simple, he's pushing his invention to not only help give a patient a quick straight to the point diagnosis that will have an individual in and out of a medical facility in a hurry (that's if nothing is found in their diagnosis itself).

This is also about saving your pocket book from the heavy stress and strain when the medical bill hits you in the face and your premium coverage does not cover particular (this can range from a variety of medical options that DOES NOT fit into your health care plan such alternative therapies, travel vaccines, ridiculous expensive medications that hard for individuals who NEED them to afford.)

This is where patients find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. See some of them might automatically assume that they inventions such as the Cardioflux machine created by Shrivastava, is too expensive for them to utilize when having an diagnosis done to help them narrow down any types of serious heart illnesses, or damaged arteries due to plague build up which can wreak havoc with one's LDL or (low-density lipo) levels.

Truth is, Shrivastava didn't want his work to be financially out of reach for patients who truly need this great invention to greatly simplify the diagnosis process. He understand that it's already a nightmare dealing with the fact of learning about a disease that they're dealing with both on a physical, and psychological aspect. He probably gave that much thought, and probably serious considered the fact that he could face mass scrutiny from the public and the medical community.

One 'NOTED' example of that centers around one pharmaceutical advocate drug CEO Martin Shkreli, put himself into a VERY BAD DISPOSITION as he was charging AIDS patients a whooping $750 per pill for a pharmaceutical drug that already was in existence.

He just basically felt that he was going to make a TON OF CASH at the expense of those who would LITERALLY kill to get the drug to stabilize their well-being.

As for CardioFlux, its specifically powered by GPU's or what known as (Graphics Processing Unit), which is the basics for the machine super high-resolution in imaging and observation. That is the key to CardioFlux's overall success.

As of now CardioFlux is going through clinical traits, making sure that the machine will NOT compromise one's health, when they undergo the elevated scanning procedures that will quickly flush out heart aliments / diseases.

The non-invasive bio-magnetic imaging system, which primal task is to rate the heart's health levels via by pin-pointing the magnetic field level within the chest region itself. The imaging system is powered by GPUs, which generates a 3D-virtual map of the heart’s electrical performance all done in under 2 minutes giving doctors a fast and accurate way to diagnose blocked arteries and pinpoint both the location and the visual structure of the object.

The most important part to it all is reduction of hassle with a series of medical tests and MORE IMPORTANTLY harmful radiation many scanners may subject the patient to can increase their changes of cancer (cell death.)

“Winning this award is incredible,” said Peeyush Shrivastava the CEO of Genetesis, who recently was rewarded for his breakthrough in the world of 3D Internal Imagery.

Deep Learning technology will serve as the primary driving force for CardioFlux's success. Shrivastava knows that his invention will change the medical field on a global scale.

"Genetesis" ---> NVIDIA..

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence through Deep Learning | Yoshua Bengio | TEDxMontreal ---> TEDx Talks..

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