3 Detox Drinks To Remove toxins From Your Body

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Drinking these detoxifying drinks can help remove the buildup of those harmful substances. The drinks are easy to make and very little time required in making them.

1- 🥝 cucumber mint:


2 Kiwis
½ Lime
¼ Cucumber
Sprig of mint

2- 🍎 Grapefruit mint:



1 apple
1 lime
1/2 grapefruit
1/2 small bunch fresh mint
1/2 head romaine

3- 🍓 strawberry orange detox water:



1 orange, sliced
8-10 strawberries, sliced
24 oz water

When detox will become a part of your lifestyle, you will notice you are always healthy, far from diseases. And this is because your body don't have any bad element in your body which can cause disorders.

"A Healthy Outside Starts From The Inside"

I will be glad to hear from you. Are you going to try this?


will it clean out %THC ?

sorry bro its not help to clean thc but water is very effective...

Thanks for this

I might try out the strawberry orange detox.
Hope it works though....

definitely work

It's true... Nice stuff

These all look delicious! I'm not really a fan of mint in my drinks but I can see how it might be refreshing when combined with other ingredients like cucumber or citrus. Thanks for sharing. ❤ ReSteemed, Upvoted, & Followed. ❤

Thank you!
Looks delicious. My favorite would be the Grapefruit Mint. I must try to make that one!

try its good for you

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