Top 5 Food Tips To Prevent And Manage Type 2 Diabetes

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Since Type 2 Diabetes is a lifestyle disease, if you are prediabetic or have a family history it is essential to follow a strict diet and exercise regularly to prevent diabetes.


Even people suffering from Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes can significantly benefit from modifying their diet and choosing healthy foods.
To help you keep your blood glucose in control and reduce cholesterol, here are some diabetes diet tips.

Eat complex carbs and a protein-rich diet:

People with diabetes must keep in mind that complex carbohydrates are better than simple carbohydrates to control blood glucose level. Choose cereals such as oats, barley, Sorghum. Include low-fat dairy, lean meats or legumes rich in protein in every meal.

Follow proper meal timings:

Do not skip your breakfast or meals as it can make your blood glucose level dip too low. Also, people who skip their breakfast tend to eat more during meals, which can cause a sudden increase in glucose. Eating small meals will prevent you from feeling extremely hungry at any time of the day.

Choose low- glycemic index (GI) fruits:

Fruits that are low in glycemic index (GI) are an excellent source of energy and nutrition to people with diabetes. Fruits like cherries, pears, and apples, which have a low GI index break down at a slower pace and hence, help to maintain a steady release of glucose. Also do not have fruits post meals as it can lead to a sudden spike in the blood glucose level.

Best snacks for people with diabetes:

Eat nuts if you are hungry to curb your mid-morning or evening cravings. This is because nuts cause a slow release of glucose and act as the best snack option for diabetes. Moreover, it not only fills you up but also contains healthy fats which can help prevent high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Diabetic-friendly oils:

Instead of using only a specific type of oil, it is advised to use a blend of different types of oils for cooking.

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Interesting. Actually I've just bought a book by Dr Michael Mosley called "The 8-week blood sugar diet" which is type 2 diabetes related. He wrote it in 2916 and many people have had success following the instructions in the book.


That is great indeed. Old books got lots of great advice, which advanced medical science couldn't figure it out till now. I will try to read that book.

There is a typo, 1916 instead 2916,


Oh yes typo error. The book was written in 2016

thanks for the newsgroente& fruit.gif

it was the healthful article for Diabetes patient, I have a Health related blog, I love to post these type of post.