Breakfast – What makes it the most important meal of the day?

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I can bet that every nutritionist you’ve ever come across has informed you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it has to be very fulfilling! Whether you get the time to take proper diet all day or not, it's important to give the necessary time to your breakfast. I didn’t use to take it very seriously during my school and college life. I used to skip breakfast and that would often make we feel dizzy in school while standing for assembly. Sometimes I’d even start sweating for no reason! This routine continued even during the first three years of my university! My morning sickness only increased with time and it was during my sixth semester that I decided to take care of myself and try changing my routine.


I am not exaggerating, but as soon as I started taking breakfast regularly, it turned my life upside down, in a good way of course. Not only did I start feeling fresh in the morning, but it also affected my creativity and productivity. I started feeling much more present-minded and productive throughout the day! This gave me so much motivation that I made it a habit to take some time out in the morning and take my time in having my breakfast instead of running off with a sandwich in my hand!


I started reading up why breakfast is so important and how it really affects us and our lifestyle. All the information that I managed to gather via different nutritionists is very interesting and worth sharing! So here you go!

You can actually end up losing extra weight!

You can actually maintain and at times even lose weight by having regular breakfast in the morning. If your breakfast contains the required amount of proteins that are found in egg then this meal keeps you going all day and makes you want to take little portions of lunch and especially dinner. This way, you won't end up eating randomly throughout the day. It also helps you avoid unhealthy junk snack items all day. If you start noticing around you, you will find that healthy and fit person who also doesn’t seem to be fat always take a good amount of protein in their breakfast.


It makes you start your day on a positive note:

It lets you concentrate on positivity and look forward to your day. You will feel focused and ready to face the challenges and also learn whatever comes your way! Once it fills your stomach for the next several hours, you don’t feel distracted by hunger or the desire to eat something before its lunch time.


You don’t feel cranky in the morning, You feel happy!

This one took a while for me to witness. Breakfast really does have an effect on your mood. Taking a good and fulfilling breakfast controls your sugar level and blood pressure and doesn’t let you by the cranky self that you think you are because of not being a morning person. Trust me, being a morning person only requires one to have a good breakfast!


Your energy level goes high up, making you much more active!

Your energy level goes up from 50% to 100% as soon as you have breakfast. It not only makes you active but also wakes you up mentally. No matter how late you slept at night and no matter how much you don’t feel like having your breakfast, force yourself to eat something as soon as you’ve had our glass of water when you wake up.

Lets you stay healthy even during your old age

It doesn’t only benefit you for the day but according to a study, people who don’t skip their morning meals are found to be healthier during their old age. It has a long-term health benefit and keeps your immune system strong as well! It is known to reduce and maintain blood pressure sugar level, heart diseases, obesity, and diabetes as well.


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Respectfully, I disagree. Breakfast is a wholly superfluous meal and most people would be better off skipping it.

If you're lacking energy and motivation because you skip breakfast, it's likely because your diet is bad and not feeding you the nutrition you need to get into ketosis. If your diet is right you can run off fat for 10-16 hours and will feel great. It saves you time and money.

 jansher maybe a unique case but most people would be better off doing some kind of intermittent daily fasting most of the time.

See this podcast interview

It’s my favourite meal of the day 😊

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