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Presented in this way, the idea would rather tend to cut the appetite. But using "musca domestica", a fly whose metabolism and resistance have been improved for 45 years by Japanese scientists, to make it produce both fertilizer for agriculture and food for livestock and fish. breeding, seems quite effective and ecologically neutral. Explanation: this fly, which has been selected over 1100 generations (!), Is able to survive and reproduce at high speed in particularly stressful environments, especially overpopulation. First advantage: its larvae biodegrade food waste without emitting CO2. Then, the feces thus produced are an excellent fertilizer that does not degrade the soil. Finally, the larvae become food for different species intended for human consumption. In health terms, the results are so good that the Japanese safety authorities, reputed as among the most rigorous in the world, have already authorized the release of products from the firm Musca, which has developed this technique. For the anecdote, this fly was first domesticated in the USSR, with the aim of sending it for scientific experiments on the planet Mars ...


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