7 Incredible Benefits of Intermittent Fasting (#1 May Surprise You)

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Number 7

Lose Weight Effortlessly

Number 6

Increase Overall Will Power

Number 5

Enjoy Large Satisfying Meals Without Packing On Extra Weight

Number 4

Improve Cognitive Functions

Number 3

Become More Insulin Sensitive

Number 2

Increase The Production Of Human Growth Hormone

Number 1

Initiate Autophagy!





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I fast intermitantly but I call it living paycheck to paycheck.

Good way to save money!

lol, it really is... haha

yhat is sad but also funny

That's very interesting! I've heard a lot about intermittent fasting but never tried it for more than one or two days. Have you been doing it, does it work for you?

Yes I pretty much Intermittent fast everyday. I will say that in the beginning it will be very tough but about 2-3 weeks into it I can't imagine living your life any other way

I've been (pretty much) intermittently fasting for about 2 years now, with a few longer fasts in between, and it's great! I don't get hungry until 1 or 2 p.m. most days, then start with a power smoothie to get in all of my nutrition and then eat whatever I want....

I have tons of energy and feel amazing and have lost weight without trying to at all! :))

Humans are eating 90% too much and 99% the wrong stuff. Returning to simple, whole food meals makes all the difference in the world!



I have had very good luck with intermittent fasting. I really love it. It is the best diet that I have done. I have so much energy and I don't feel guilty when I eat.

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Do you know Markus Rothkranz? He put a video about intermittent fasting namely eat nothing till 4 ! And it works out for a lot of people!

I am from India and fasting is like in our culture.after 15 days a day called Nirjala Ekadashi it means no food no water for 24 hours.

Nice topic, fasting is easy if you are fat adapted, hard if you are not. Fat adapted means eating low carb for a few weeks and letting the body develop a better pathway for oxidising fat as a primary fuel source, especially using ketones for brain fuel.

I am very Motivated to start this diet thanks

Hay man I liked your post.

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Thanks for the information. IF is something that we should all consider. I try to eat in a small 8 window and tend to skip breakfast. Great post. Resteemed!

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Wow!educative information for us figtingbto loose weight.

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I agree with you on fasting when we have RAMZAN where we fast for the entire month , this increase you will power for everything and gives your both stability to fight diseases , improved immune system , filters blood and many more benefits , thank you bro for bringing up this topic amazing

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It would have been better if you have posted Dtube videos.

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Autophagy is better option when it comes to getting rid of dead materials, undigested food which over time becomes toxins in body. Go for Autophagy once in a year or once in 6 months. Some naturopathy centres in India have started educating and practising autophagy

I just learned about intermittent fasting the other day and your article re-enforces this idea.

Thank you,

Mother Liberty.


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I do intermittent fasting, in 2 months I lost 4 kilograms already, with doing only cardio on the weekends. Great article just learned more about intermittent fasting.

excelente información

This is really good health news sir. And thay's the very great informational post also

Tried it before, it does feel good, more energetic, mind much clearer

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good information .. always thx ^^

Fantastic post thank you!

Some religious ritual in hinduism is based on intermittent fasting. Devotees do fasting on particular day for well being. Like devotees of lord Shiva do on monday, lord Hanuman ( a monkey god ) on tuesday etc. Faith whether we call it irrational or not but beneficial for them.

@infocentral i love for exercise including body building. Your blog is really helpful to get more help in my body building. Thanks for such vital information.