Ulog 011: 50 kilograms in 3 months. Can I do it? Taking care of my physical well-being.

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Most of the time, I always have great intentions to exercise. I plan a lot of things like attend yoga classes, wake up early to jog or do exercises at home. And I would think that this would make a difference with my physical health. And after a few days of trying out, I would end of skipping a day or two telling myself that I will be back at it tomorrow. And tomorrow never comes. Days become weeks and weeks become month.

But we always have those pivotal moments when we decide that something has to change. And this was mine: The other day when I visited my friend’s home and checked my weight on the scale. I was a whopping 58.7 kgs. or 129.14 lbs. Not an ideal weight for a 5”0’ feet height person. I realized that this was causing my laziness lately and for not having the energy to do things.

I know what I lack the most is discipline- the discipline to stick to my intentions or plans and act on it. And so I made a conscious intention to take care of my overall well-being – physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, etc.

For my physical wellbeing, first I decided to stop complaining. “It’s going to rain so maybe tomorrow”, “I lack sleep” or “I’m tired” - I’ll stop making excuses. Second, I decided to eat healthy food. I stopped drinking soft drinks or soda and replaced it with green smoothies I make at home. I’ve been learning how to cook for the past months and now I cook more vegetable meals. And I’m practicing eating a balanced meal with no rice at all. Lastly, I’ve planned to sleep and wake up early and jog at 5:00 am. For the past days, I usually just hit the snooze button. And the next thing you know, when I wake up the second time around it’s already 8:00 am. So this time, I shall push myself to come out of bed every morning. Actually yesterday, I went for an hour walk in the evening since I wasn’t able to do so in the morning.

This morning though, I was happy to force myself to wake up early because I made a promise to my friend that I would accompany her to the sports complex. We did a session of warm-up and core exercises with a coach. I was happy to do so. This was the start of that change I was looking for. First, the coach asked me what my goal was before the start of our physical activity. And I said, “50 kgs. or 110 lbs. in 3 months. Can I do it?”. And he said yes. I’m motivated to start right away. But just when I thought it would be easy came the hardest part. All throughout, I was having a difficult time breathing or keeping up. I would often stop to rest. My friend motivated me all the way despite my negative thoughts or words that I said to myself like “No, I can’t do it” or “It hurts” for a couple of times. Our coach even said that he was there to help me. He taught me the proper postures and guided me through the simple exercises.

Although I didn’t last much during the core exercises, I am more determined now. It is also fun when you are with a friend to work out with. After that, I went home and slept for 3 hours. My disregard for my physical wellbeing affected my everyday performance. It was not working for me because I love to move a lot. So now, I am going to achieve my goal not for vanity but for a healthier lifestyle. I know I shall reap the rewards in the future if I disciplined myself to stick to it and do it with determined persistence.

Thank you so much for dropping by guys! How about you? What were your struggles in terms of health or physical wellness? Any tips or suggestions for me? Comment down below. Stay tuned, Steem on and Always remember…

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Push natin ang #BalikAlindugProgram bess. ahahahahh :D

yes!!! para bongga na ang life! haha

I have 18 KG of excess baggage with me @indayclara. Gi saka saka jud nako ang ilang Elephant Mountain dire para mo hiyos ug pipila ka fraction.

Hahaha. hopefullymasuccessfulatong pagpaniwang!

Hey lodi
Nice video you got.


Recently I also started working out too.

Nice one


I think you can do it @indayclara! Laban lang gyud, achieve na achieve yan! Also, I have friends who tried skipping softdrinks so feel nako maka help jud na. Go lang! <3

Thank [email protected] mkasuya japon ang coke especially when day is so hot... haha .

Mao sad. Mao jud nang tiis ganda heheh