Urine Therapy, Day 1

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Last night, I tried drinking my own pee.
Why not?
I have heard about this before and read about it - and last night I just tried it. I saw this post on Facebook...


If you know of someone getting no results from "modern" medicine, tell them to look no further than their own body, a Masterful work of Divine Engineering.

The Uroboros is an ancient alchemical symbol depicting the dragon consuming itself, "code" for "The Water of Life", a STERILE, pure, distilled water produced naturally by the Human Body, and occult (hidden) cure for all known Earthly diseases. Urine.

If you are so inclined to learn more about the true, spiritual (healing) powers granted to YOU at birth, read these books (links provided):

"AUTOTHERAPY" by Charles H. Duncan, M.D. (1918)

"The Water of Life - A Treatise on Urine Therapy" by John W. Armstrong (1944)

"The Miracles of Urine Therapy" by Dr. Beatrice Bartnett (1988)
Link unavailable, but reprints of this rare and highly sought after book are available on Ebay and Amazon.

"Your Own Perfect Medicine" by Martha Christy (1992)

NOTE: The book "AUTOTHERAPY" is written from a doctor's perspective, in that the bodily fluid discharges (pus, urine, etc.) are reintroduced subcutaneously by hypodermic syringe into a non-affected part of the body, effecting almost instant cures.

Placing these same bodily fluids directly under the tongue (in contact with one or both of the sublingual glands) has the same curative effect.

Doctors are not taught this information because it renders them completely obsolete. Those controlling the purse-strings of our nation's medical schools (Rockefeller Foundation, Carnegie-Mellon Foundation) know this. As long as they teach what these "philanthropic" foundations tell them to teach, the money keeps flowing into the schools and "research" centers.

"Modern" medicine as we know it today is a QUADRILLION Dollar Business, and "THEY" are not about to "collapse the system" by telling people they have within their spiritual powers the ability to self-heal.

This is why the Human Race has been kept in constant "survival mode." When you're always WORRIED about how you're going to "pay your bills" (a mind and body control system), you rarely, if ever, find out who you really are.

This information has been known in occult circles (secret societies) since before the days of Plato and Hippocrates. You have to understand the "powers that be" need a "slave race" to build their cities, fix their cars, pick up their dog shit, serve their meals.

These are psychopaths in control of ALL governments, ALL educational "systems," political "systems", religious "systems", they control money, taxes, courts, militaries, TV, radio, newspapers, they control ALL the "information" being given to the slaves, you and me. EVERYTHING we learned we learned from THEM.

Be careful what you feed your brain. It's not by accident that CHAOS is all you see on TV. You ARE a spiritual being with UNLIMITED potential set into motion by the IMAGINATION.

The fact is YOU have the built-in ability to heal yourself of all known "diseases." This was known and taught by Hippocrates, and well-documented in the list of books above, PLUS, this truth is allegorically-encoded, by metaphor, within The Bible:

"Drink thy water from thine own cistern,
running waters from thine own well." (Proverbs 5:15)
There's no need to be afraid of your body. It was designed to be completely self-regulating (as long as you don't get in its way with fear-thoughts). Of course, we've all been "trained" to believe urine is toxic waste, when just the opposite is true, and this is easily provable.

Fresh urine is the most STERILE liquid on the planet, bar none. It's well-documented that people stranded without food or water for weeks and months, having only their urine to survive on, come out of the experience in better health and have erased all "diseases" from their body during their unplanned Urine Fasts, which is EXACTLY how John Armstrong of England cured THOUSANDS of people of the so-called "diseases" that today "modern" medicine is STILL SAYING are incurable, but "treatable" with drugs and surgery.

Just follow the money and you'll understand why you're being lied to. Urine therapy is 100% free. It's your God-given Gift of Life.


Contempt, prior to full investigation, condemns men to ignorance.

In peace.

I tried it at about 7pm - and I could not fall asleep and then woke up at 330am - this never happens. I decided that I am going to increase my water intake and start this on March 6, the New Moon. I am not going to tell anyone but you Steemians, until I see what actually happens. It wasn't bad - I have certainly drank a lot worse - like warm Budweiser, the next morning with cigarette butts floating in it - is MUCH worse.

There's a lot on Steemit about it.

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