Vitamin C to reduce cancer risk

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Let's know about some benefits of Vitamin C-

  1. Prevention of cancer - Antioxidant in Vitamin C protects against body cells and DNA damage. This vitamin reduces the risk of almost all types of cancer. According to scientists, Vitamin C does not directly hit the cancer cells. Rather than helping the body to fight cancer, it helps prevent disease.

  2. Strengthens the bones - Vitamin C helps reduce bone loss or breakdown. Moreover, those women who take Vitamin C more after menopause, their bones are stronger than others.

  3. Reduces stress - Many of the body's resistance to depression or depression decreases. Again, the effects of stress or stress can reduce the amount of Vitamin C in the body. For example, smoking, smoking, etc. So enough Vitamin C is the sign of a healthy body in the body.

  4. Reduces weight - It is possible to reduce fat by 20 to 30 percent of body fat by taking adequate vitamin C. In this case, Vitamin C combines the amino acid L-carnitine and helps digest fat by transforming it into energy.

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good for health

Good post

Good food, good for health.

Skervi is deficiency syndrom of Vitamin-C

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Thanks for your informative post !


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good post

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this vitamin is very helpful for our health dear