These foods may cause death!

in health •  last year

6 liters of water is 'acidic'

Apple and cherry fruit seeds are life-threatening

Only 70 cups of coffee!
If there is excessive caffeine in the body, the arthritis increases.

Beware of chocolates

Chocolate has low nutrition. Khan is okay, but do not exceed the limit. The chocolate 'bar' contains poisonous theobromine. Chocolate is made from seeds of 'Cocoa'. This cocoa seed contains theraobromine alkaloids. Although theobromine could kill small animals, we were able to survive due to good digestion. But if the amount is more then there is no salvation.

Anything extra is bad. For example, drinking 13 cups of alcohol can damage the brain's ability, which results in death. Or the same result may result in 680 kilograms of marijuana in 15 minutes. Although there is a question about how much it is possible in reality.

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Oh no I like eating all these foods.


thanks for your comment.I hope you will try to control your habit


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thank you, friend.


thanks dear

will try to avoid chocolate


yes, you are right.