For weight loss, green tea and honey

in health •  last year

Worried about excess weight? If you want to reduce fat, you can keep the diet charts with green tea made of lemon, honey, and cinnamon. If you drink the drink regularly, the weight will decrease fast. Drink this drink every few times a day. Green Tea and honey have various essential ingredients that will keep your body healthy as well as reduce weight.

If you drink green tea every day, then the rash of digestion will be removed. There is also no pair of heart health. Several studies have shown that, the risk of lowering the risk of having regular green tea habit. But if you want to reduce the weight, you must follow the right diet plan as well as green tea. Physical exercises are also important every day. If there is any kind of physical problem with Green Tea, then consult a doctor.

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Thanks for the important information.


welcome friend.

i love also green tea...tea is good for health....i love also black tea


i agree with you but honey is also very good for health

nice articel dear thanks fro sahring ..plz chek my post also


thanks for your comment,kintu post er dhoron onujai comment korle vlo hoy

Thanks bro for sharing.


welcome brother .i hope you will try to comment to post contain's.


contain onujai comment korle vlo hoy ta na hole 2 jon er e problem

aktu active hoyar try koren...apni aj shobaik upvote korenni kal jodi shobaik upvote na koren tahole apnk bad dite baddho hobo


active ase

hello, i am al-imran i upvote you..and i hope you upvote me


yes,please same do


green tea is healthy

Tea is good to drink in the morning. Hello, how are you. I am a new friend of you I am always with you. I hope you will be with me too.


yes, i agree with you. thanks for your comment

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