My response to Blue Monday (spoiler, it is made up)

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It is a day when seemingly Christmas becomes a fleeting memory while the cost of Christmas is at the forefront of our minds and our New Year Resolutions to get fit start to fall by the wayside and it is expressed by this very scientific looking equation


However, this is a nonsensical equation that was devised on behalf of the holiday company Sky Travel who were trying to flog vacations in the sun to wet and cold Britons.

We should also ask if people who suffer from depression might not appreciate the idea that depression is simply brought on by an empty wallet and fading Christmas cheer, but let’s consider how we can get use moving more to make us feel better.


2017 was not my greatest year.

Injury made running, my favourite past time, impossible for much of the year, while the health of the one I love contributed to my own deteriorating mental health and increasing waistline.

However, we fought my black dog and her cancer together and in 2018 we might not have put either to rest, but we are upping the fight and we will not be beaten

Today, I saw and trained with friends; I walked a little and I smiled more than I have in a long time.

For me, that is the power of moving more. I feel alive and I feel my blood (yes, that precious O Neg stuff) pumping through me. I forget about my fears and weaknesses and I embrace my strengths. I absorb the energy around me for that period of time, I am focused and I am determined. It is not necessarily the answer for anyone with anxiety or depression, but walking in forest or on beach, swimming, cycling and even that Zumba class can help.

What does being active mean to you and how have you responded to Blue Monday and any other Mondays, Tuesdays.....when you feel down?

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I think this formula is crappy and it does not work in the real world


I did state that it was nonsensical and used as a marketing ploy, so yes, I totally agree with you. Thanks @empato365 for sharing your thoughts