Marijuana versus Cigarettes

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The fact that there is no scientific evidence of any medicinal benefit of smoking cigarettes and the number of medicinal properties in marijuana in itself should prove that marijuana is a better choice. Consider the addiction properties of cigarettes and the unnatural ingredients that are found in cigarettes. (In this discussion we will not be talking about synthetic marijuana and it's dangers.)

Marijuana is safer on the lungs than smoking cigarettes. There is scientific evidence that the tar from marijuana does not produce the cancer effects as cigarettes do. 80 to 90 percent of lung cancer is caused by tobacco smoke. Smoking marijuana is safer on the lungs than smoking cigarettes. Marijuana can also benefit a person that does have cancer. Marijuana contains cannabinoid which are proven to be anti-carcinogenic. Cigarettes contribute to COPD, while marijuana does not. Tobacco users are more likely to drink heavier than marijuana users. Tobacco use, according to WHO, kills approximately 5 million people every year. Marijuana has never killed a single person. Tobacco is the number one cause of preventable deaths in the United States. Tobacco causes an increased risk in developing insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and thyroid problems. While some strains of marijuana have proven to beneficial to those with insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and thyroid problems. Tobacco also increases the risk of colon cancer. The medical comparisons of tobacco and marijuana are numerous.

Cigarettes also have nicotine, which is highly addictive. Cigarettes also have a very long list of additives that may be harmful to your health. These additives may also be addictive. (Use your search engine to find the list of additives in cigarettes, you will be shocked.) If you are concerned about health, think of the chemicals in cigarettes and compare to natural grown marijuana. A marijuana smoker can go days without the need for a puff. It is proven very difficult for a cigarette user to go days without a smoke. Cigarette smokers go through withdrawals and this may cause them to feel stressful while they are not using the drug, nicotine, regularly.

Tobacco farms include insecticides, pesticides, growth chemicals, etc... Most states the have legalized marijuana have laws regarding chemicals that can be used on marijuana plants. Marijuana naturally fights anti-insects and fungus. Although, improper care or growers not allowing for the plant to defend itself from invaders can result in poor bud and unnatural ingredients in marijuana. Know your grower if you are buying from someone. If you are growing your own, be patient and take good care of your plant.

Marijuana is referred to as a "weed" because it can be grown almost anywhere by almost anyone easily. Tobacco used in cigarettes have to have a more controlled environment. Tobacco must be grown in warm climates or in greenhouses. I am sure you have heard of marijuana growers in the middle of the forest. They are growing without bringing in water or constant daily care. It is much easier to grow "weed" than tobacco.

Please comment on how tobacco use has harmed someone you know or yourself. Please comment on your familiarity with marijuana use.

Cigarette smokers can be less compassionate regarding those around them. Cigarette buts are often found on the ground as the user discards the filter after smoking. Marijuana users are usually more discreet. Smoking in private and away from crowds.

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