China closes cities for CORONAVIRUS

in #health4 years ago


China is on alert with the coronavirus, as 10 cities with a total of 32 million inhabitants have already closed, as a result of the coronavirus people cannot leave their homes, cities or the country, the coronavirus has spread throughout the There are ALREADY MORE THAN 900 AFFECTED and this disease has left us 26 dead, people cannot leave Wuhan, Chibi, Huangshi, Zhijiang, Huanggang, Enshi and Ezhou, and if that were not enough it is also in quarantine Xianning and Qianjiang together to Xiantao.

The world health organization declared the Chinese state in emergency, because it is not yet an epidemic but if cases were detected in other countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States, in China it is expected that the virus will pass until March according to Yu Xiaohua who informed the South China Morning Post.

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