Home solutions for treating pimples without having to buy expensive facial cleansers

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Pimples are stuffs that appears on both the ugly and the beautiful. The dark and light skinned color. The tall and medium sized ones too.


Some pimples are small in size while some are like that of boil.

And so today, we'll be looking at some common appliances that you can use to cure your pimples. And how I was saved of it.

Mostly, an oily face comes with pimples. Let me explain better. I used to have a very severe pimples all over my face before. And what was the cause of it? It was because I'm naturally an oily faced person.

Those days were just that bad for me. I hated to see my face in the mirror when I woke up early in the morning. I had inferiority complex.

I couldn't go out with no makeups. I was not the normal girl. When I saw ladies with beautiful faces I would wish that I was just like them. But immediately I stumbled on a life solution, I was wowed.

All thanks to my mum that gave me some of the home solutions to my pimples. It's not like they it doesn't come sometimes, it still does. But it only does when my monthly flow is about to come.

So these are some of the things I uses as my facial cleanser.

Firstly, you would need a little container to put everything I'll be listing here. It's not something hard. All you need to do is mix them together before rubbing on your face.



  1. Lime juice is very good. It takes away the oily face. And gives you a dry face.

  2. Lemon juice.

  3. Aloe-vera.

  4. Honey.

5 Shea butter.

6 Garlic.

7 Cucumber.

  1. And your extract whitening soap.

These are the things you need for your face to get smooth.

Just apply them on your face, leave for ten to fifteen minutes or more than..wash with a lukewarm water gently with an extract whitening soap or ordinary soap. And your face will be looking like that of a new born baby.

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