A Leap of Faith

in health •  9 months ago

You should not listen to me or anyone, telling you what is healthy for your body. We each have our own unique and amazing machine. Take a leap of faith for your cells, and give this a try. Start making your own good luck and good health for yourself today. Only you, and hopefully your partner, know what turns you on. The things that make your body run smoothly are also unique to you, so no one else should be telling you how to energize your machine. The book, “Fifty Shades Greener” is here to empower you to develop your personal plan. Your plan has only one thing to learn and remember, that is to tune into your cells. Creating your energized body is that easy.

Premium health has been elusive for the past century. When corporations began making products out of chemicals and packaging them with lies of being nutrient-rich, is when personal health began to decline. Today, one of the challenges of finding what is healthy for your body is information overload. There are conflicting webpages saying what is good for you. The daily reports of new discoveries about what is good or bad for you to ingest are impossible to keep up with, and rarely accurate.

“Fifty Shades Greener,” (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B019L9XI4A) explains why it is important to read the ingredients before opening your mouth. This recently hit home at my sister’s house. Her dogs got into a box of chocolate donuts dipped in chocolate, and she panicked. She was relieved when I read the ingredients because there was not an ounce of cocoa in the donuts. She was confused about how they could taste like chocolate, and then she was repulsed by the chemicals that had been going into the kids. It is time to pull your head out of the sand and open your eyes. It is not hard or complicated to deliver what your body needs, and you are so worth it!

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