Learn about Essential oils and how to get a free bottle of grapefruit!

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DōTERRA Essential oils are the highest quality oils, they are one of the only oils you can ingest internally due to their distillation methods.

Essential oils have been shown to help with an array of health problems!

You can get a free bottle of grapefruit oil this month by signing up and sarting a monthly order of 125pv or more before the 15th of the month!

If your interested in learning more about essential oils or sign up by following the link





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Cantik sekali

good travel and health and freedom and nature post thanks for shearing

You have share True travel, fitness ,freedom and nature post keep it up. Thanks for shearing my friend


You've posted something important ... I learned something new from your post .... Hope everyone likes it

Good post friend !! :)

Excelente, los aceites tienen muchos usos usos.

As an alternative medicine I like, oils for massage are also effective.

Los aceites esenciales tienen un poder maraviloso, para el cuerpo y la salud... muy oportuna la publicacion

We use Doterra religiously in our house!! Thank you for educating others!

I can attest to this! I have been gifted by a friend some Doterra essential oils and their uses are just endless! I am fond of using the peppermint one and it helps me with my digestion. I simply add a drop to a tumbler full of either coffee or water. Or, add it to a DIY home cleaner for a refreshing minty smell!

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