Why is Flouride, a known Poison, added to Our Drinking Water ?

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Yesterday I was forced yet again to visit my dentist to treat a tooth which has suffered 50 years of abuse ! The cavity was too far gone I was told and so it was necessary to kill the nerve and tomorrow I will be back to have it filled ! But why are my teeth in such bad shape when I was told as a child that Flouride in my toothpaste and also added to my water would offer me protection against tooth decay ? I remember running home from school, all excited to my mother, with my "gift" of a free tube of toothpaste named " Signal " ! It had bright colours and its design for the time was pretty revolutionary ! It had the words " new Formula with added Flouride protection ! " on the side ! Well I can say after 50 years of using this "health breakthrough" that it has not worked at all and today my teeth front and back are in bad shape !

How can this be as I have used this stuff for most of my life ?? Well it seems that far from helping my teeth the flouride is actually a poison and causes huge damage to the enamel and gums alike ! Indeed Sodium Flouride the active ingredient in commercial toothpastes was used extensively to kill rats and cockroaches at the beginning of the last century ! So how indeed did this known and prescribed poison for infested homes find its way into toothpaste and pour drinking water ? Fed to children and adults alike since 1961 through clever and misleading advertisements and government campaigns that gave out this " new formula " toothpaste the " thumbs up " in schools during the seventies ?

Did you know that Flouride was administered to the detainees in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany to placate them and to also no doubt rob them of their health ! As Flouride is nothing more than a metabolic poison and even in small doses when administered through products like toothpaste and also in the tap water to which it has been added without our knowledge or consent it will systematically destroy your health in so many different ways !!

Here is a web page which will give you an idea of how bad this stuff is !

Fluoride: Poison On Tap - Full Documentary

Global Healing Center
Published on 16 Nov 2015

Is fluoride bad for you? Should you be concerned about sodium fluoride being in your water or toothpaste? Learn why Sweden, Norway, Austria, Finland, China and more countries have banned fluoride. How did fluoride get approved for use in the United States and what are the health effects?

Fluoride Is Poison: A Quick Demo

The Truth about Fluoride! (The Pineal Gland, Drinking Water, & How to Protect Yourself)

Koi Fresco
Published on 21 Feb 2016

What is up! Today we are talking about the ominous "medicine" that has infiltrated our lives known as Fluoride. We'll be going over the TRUTH about it, how it can effect us both spiritually & physically, and how to protect yourself from it. Enjoy!

So all this known, the question remains why is this ingredient still being comercially sold as toothpaste around the world when the science speaks that this is literally a poison and decimates the health of both young and old with daily use ?

The only solution being to not buy flouridated toothpaste for you and your family but chose the slightly more expensive flouride free toothpastes sold in most good health shops ! As for removing the flouride from your tap and bottled water where believe you me it is still present. The best method is to install a "Reverse Osmosis Filtration System" which
removes just about all of the added Flouride ! Only drawback being the cost as these filtration systems are not cheap !

But then isnt your health and that of your familly worth this cost ? Water for thought )

Your thoughts and reactions to my post, as ever most appreciated in my comment section below. Thanks




It's the worst kept secret regarding the elites plan to cull the population or at least keep them docile and stupid.
I've used a flouride filter on my Big Berky for years, there is no way I'd drink the shit water provided by government.
People need to wake up to the brain damage being forced upon them and their kids by these wicked bastards.

Yes it does expalin alot concerning the reported fall in IQ of people since the 60,s ! It is a secret true @tremendospercy, but one wonders how people can not see that there are many people who try to ring the bell and shout fire, but we are ignored by the ignorant ! Its so sad this lethargy and inertia to challenging and important issues ! Im tired of being surrounded by fish, we need some fcking tigers around here mate!


Nice article man :) appreciate the effort, make sure you keep up the fight :)

This is an article from my buddy, read it if you find time:


Both of us will work hard to bring awareness here... With you it makes us 3 :)

Sending virtual respect

Thankyou for the link I will go and check it @enjoyinglife ) Sending my real respect ; )

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Thanks to you @em3 ) much appreciated your support on this subject ! I shall be checking out your project !! Steem On !

Wow i never knew flouride was this bad to the body. We really need to be mindful of most of this product as they come with huge promises. After this, I'll make sure i find out every little detail about any consumable product i purchase. Thank you for sharing.

Well I am so pleased that i have lifted the curtains on this subject for you ! We do really need to inform ourselves on these more than important issues ! Please pass on the info to your loved ones ! thanks for the support )

The biggest problem in the USA is that you can't choose. If you drink public water...there is flouride!! That is wrong.

We have a Berkey flouride filter to remove the chlorine and flouride.

Exactly @em3 ,I am sure this is the case ! Its really messed up for sure when you have no way out of the trap that you know and see before you ! So people buy bottled water thinking that this is better quality than the city supply from taps, but actually this is also a falsity with alot of this water being nothing more than city water put into plastic bottles wiith a ticket for their marketing purposes ! They can believe it or not even worse than tap water as the fact the water has been in contact with what they call " one use, non reusable quality plastic " i.e horrible shitty plastic full of heavy metals and also another very nasty thing called Bi-Phenol-A which reaks havoc with your endocrine system and removes fertility in men and and women with poor eggs in their ovaries ! We are under a multi layered full frontal attack ! Yet it is silent and not visible ! Look up the Protocols of the Elders of Zion ! it all becomes pretty clear the plan of a thousand years against human beings !! !

Well I am happy to hear that my post has opened your eyes to this little known but deadly secret of heavy industry and the people that serve to dump their side products into our water and foodstuffs ! The Conspiracy Theory is a Fact ! Look up population control and Agenda 21 to see the reasoning behind these ventures and "business " practices !

The same reason Fly Ash a known poison is sprayed into our air... it's cuz they love us...

Fluoride = a toxic bi-product of the steel/aluminum industry = added to our water using the false guise of promoting dental health
Fly Ash = a toxic bi-product of the coal industry = added to our air using the false guise of stopping global warming

Interesting times...

Sick times which are for me painfull to watch ! Surprising especially as many just dont know or choose more not to know ! Like Lemmings jumping from the Cliff ( thankyou for your apt additions and connections to Heavy Industry that is happy to have their side product filtered and removed by our digestive tract ( the production of Flouride i have just read is a 150 Billion Dollar a year operation, so yeah big bukeroos in Genocide by slow poisoning !

is an attack on us, everyone seems to be sick

Well yeah really @battleaxe, between flourides in our water and daily toothpaste use, gmos in our foods, chentrails in the air and their insidious and invisible death ray wifi 5g shit we are in a big toxic soup and so it not surprising to see everyone feeling down and drained when in real terms we are all dying like the frog in the pan of water on a small flame (

I'm going to look at my toothpaste right away... WHAT FUCK ....

This is one of the biggest crimes ever against humanity, adding this poison has killed so many because a small few have willed it. Disgusting. As to the Nazi use in concentration camps, I've seen this put out there many times, but I've never seen any evidence they actually did do it. However German scientists were well aware of the what the effects of it's use on humans were, long before it was added to public water supplies and it's effects do include dulling the mind and makes people more compliant and open to suggestion. It's a disgusting practice that needs to end now! Keep up the good work man.

Well i can say that i have read articles on the internet which stated that it was not just in the concerntration camps they used it, but more the whole population, Mengler having suggested the flourification of the water supply at the onset of the war on his own people as it made them easier to manipulate and get them into the national hive think mentality necessary to believe in the propoganda ! I shall look for some of these pages and link them here if i can still find them ok !! But its true alot of the stuff which i did read on this subject have since been removed by the hidden hand as ever !! The internet is not what it used to be, back in the early 90,s ! there was I can promise you some incredible hardcore info being shared and posted at this time !!

Well one thing for sure, this poison has been inflicted upon populations around the world at various times without our consent and it's insidious use for whatever reason needs to end!

here is a post by @moderndsyhippie that also states that Joseph Mengler was responsible for the addition of Flouride to the drinking water of Nazi Germany for population control and placation !


Awesome post, and show's how the government is poisoning us without most of us knowing and making us dumb sheep.

thanks so much for your praise @riaansteynberg ! yes this is I think a thing which must be addressed now as this daily intake of poison by the population of this planet is one of the major factors in the rising of cancer levels, dementia, alzeimers etc ! Its truly a disgrace and all pushers of this in government and industry must I feel be held accountable for their deliberate poisoning of us all !

wow, that's a long one but a good one .great info man keep it up.

Why thanks @monjan ) I do try my best to give detailed info on my subjects as this stuff is essential if we are to break the chains of our enslvaers !! thanks for the support and comment !! Nice )

Arrest, trial, death penalty for all fluoride perpetrators.

Hello @globocop, yes I totally agreed, this is with out a doubt a hidenous affront on the people of the planet and it was done willingly and with for knowledge there can be no doubt ! Our govwant us all dead there can be no doubt of this Conspiracy Fact thanks for the great and honest comment and support !

They want us sick, dependent and docile, and failing that, dead. It can only happen because people value football more than life, TV comfort more than standing up against the evil that they are consuming.

I have zero tolerance for these people - and their minions.

Thank you for fearlessly spreading the word @gomeravibz

Great comment Globo, I can't believe people aren't aware of this, it just goes to show how distracted by modern life most people are, beer and football = bread and circus!
They happy drink poisoned water, eat GMO food and let their children be jabbed with poison vaccinations!
I despair sometimes at the stupidity and ignorance of the masses.

Yeah - we keep shining light into darkness. Not all will respond, until the critcal mass turns in favor of light. :)

Bread and Circus with Divide and Conquer ! The perfection in Conquest by stealth ! We are dealing with the same people that destroyed Imperial Rome from the inside over the period of centuries !!

I am fearless and thankyou for noticing this ! I know I put myself in the line of fire for potential risk with these subjects ! But at least i will have died with my sword in my hand ! I cannot sit by and let Evil kill my world or yours @globocop !!

Thats a great post gomera, i am surprises by the video of that lady 🙄

hey thanks @thatindianlady )) Yes she does nail it very succinctly the thing, why indeed i felt it was good to add it here !! Its insanity disghised as sanity ! the world has gone insane and we need to pull back on some levers and get it all back from the grasp of this Empire of Evil !

yeah righty and she explains the difference so clearly

Well detailed concept... I used to know floride as a being perfect for the tooth.i never knew it is at the same time poisonous

its not good at all for the teeth @seanmalex ! Flouride attacks your teeth and gives a condtion called flourosis, which is the literal brake down of the enamel coating of your teeth ! So infact your teeth age far quicker by using this awful stuff in your mouth ! thanks for the support, please spread the word to all that you know ! We must boycott all flouride products and have it also removed from our drinking water supply, whether it be from the tap or from bottles !!

I got a similar article that talks about flouride's effect on the cognitive abilities of children....nice work by the way

Yes absolutelty destroys a child young and growing mind ! The pineal gland is calcified by the cumulative intake of flouride and this is apparently where our dreams emanate from, so flouride literally stops us from dreaming !! Its just so horrible to consider this fact and when i think of that day i recieved my " free " tube of toothpaste at school along with all my friends, I get furious, as it makes me so mad to see the money behind this weaponised death !!

This is a great post. Everyone should know about this! Keep it up!

yes they should I agree totally @ana-step ! So please help me spread the word on it to yur friends and familt so that they too in turn may do the same ! It is indeed our only hope that people just say no to this and take their water supply more seriously and perhaps even move for legal attacks against these murderers that poison us all !

Thanks for speaking up!

No problem for me speaking up @marymg2014 ! We need to be more now as this issue is long over due an public investigation and Id say even criminal proceedings !

Resteemed your post!

thats great @marymg2014, I could not possibly ask for more from anyone !! thanks to you !

nice post. my steemit lovely friend i like post & resteem this post

thankyou so much for the resteem ! thats real nice of you @alal ) Steem On !

Man what a fantastic post to leave 2017 with .. although knowing your worth ethic you may not be finished with us just yet ;) They used to have to pay to have this garbage disposed of as toxic indsutrial waste!! The last time I went to the dentist for a filing I was offered super strength fluoride toothpaste and told (word for word) "after you clean your teeth, don't rinse your mouth and instead allow the lovey fluoride to work it's magic" And yet on the side of the packet it say to go to hosiptal if you swalow more than a pea size amount!! what planet are these people on??!!

The trouble is it's in so many things (including pesticides) and is found in high concentrations in non organic orange/apple juice etc etc so much for the heathy options. Equally many people use filters for their drinking water little realising that when they bath or shower the body absorbs water through our skin pores.

My friend I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas! It's been great meeting you this year and I'm really excited to see what you have planned for your posts in 2018!! Onwards and upwards for you @gomeravibz

Fluoride paste for better teeth they say uh!

yes reall what a terrible joke it is, although I dont many laughing when they need to pull out there checkbook at the dentist !!